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All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.

London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1977). First thus. With Peter Matthiessen's ownership signature and his extensive markings throughout. One section appears to have been marked for republication or reprinting, with instructions to his typist -- for unknown purposes but perhaps as a handout for members of his Zendo. Used; about very good in wrappers. [#032405] $250
(Hamden), Archon, 1983. Inscribed by the author to Peter Matthiessen in 1984, pointing out that he may be interested in the chapter on Moby-Dick, and hoping that "you and Viking triumph" -- referring to the lawsuits filed against Matthiessen and his publisher over In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Matthiessen's underlinings and markings in both the chapter on Moby-Dick and the chapter on Heart of Darkness. Near fine in a very good, spine-sunned dust jacket. [#032412] $250
Boston, Twayne, (1991). A short critical biography in Twayne's United States Authors Series. Inscribed by the author to the subject, Peter Matthiessen: "For Peter, Interpretation is the sincerest form of admiration. Keep writing, Bill Dowie." Fine in a near fine dust jacket. [#032418] $200
NY, Harper & Row, (1983). Matthiessen's copy, heavily highlighted in the first 200 pages (of this 600 page book, e.g. 1940s & 1950s). For the most part, the mention of the author himself in the text go unnoticed by Matthiessen, although he has highlighted passages about a number of other authors as well as those having to do with writing in general in that period, and criticism in particular. A very good copy, lacking the dust jacket. [#032411] $200
Southampton, Parrish Art Museum, (1995). The catalog of an exhibition, to which Matthiessen was one of the lenders ("Landscape: Summer, 1985"). Previously dampened; very good in wrappers. Laid in is a scrap signed by Pam [Lord], "Thanks so much, Pete!" The Lords and the Matthiessens were longtime friends and neighbors in eastern Long Island. [#032427] $200
Canoga Park, Orirana Press, (1979). A bibliography of Matthiessen's writings, covering the first 28 years of his writing career. One of 2000 copies. This copy is from the library of Peter Matthiessen, with Matthiessen's ownership signature on the front flyleaf. Near fine, with addendum slip laid in. [#032407] $200
Canoga Park, Orirana Press, (1979). A bibliography of Matthiessen's writings, covering the first 28 years of his writing career. One of 2000 copies. This copy is from the library of Peter Matthiessen, with an autograph note signed, "P" laid in, simply requesting that "this stuff" be returned. Near fine, with addendum slip laid in. [#032406] $200
NY, Macmillan, 1994. An advance copy, in the form of velobound typeset pages. With Matthiessen's markings, underlinings and a couple of his notes in the text. Matthiessen provided a jacket blurb for the finished book, and the markings indicate a close and thorough reading of the text. Cover stained; velobinding detaching. Very good. [#032423] $200
NY, writer & Readers, (1996). A novel by the British artist, writer, journalist and filmmaker. Warmly inscribed by the author to Peter [Matthiessen], who provided a blurb for the rear of the dust jacket. Laid in is an autograph note signed by Porter, with additional thanks, and calling Matthiessen "instrumental" in getting the book published. Slight foxing to top edge, else fine in a fine dust jacket. [#032428] $200
NY, Farrar Straus Giroux, (2012). Seaver's memoir, focusing on Paris in the '50s and New York in the '60s, where he was a groundbreaking publisher and one of the key figures in promoting the writings of such avant garde authors as Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco, and in overturning decades of literary censorship by publishing, with Barney Rosset of Grove Press, such previously banned writers as D.H. Lawrence and Henry Miller. Posthumously published and edited by Seaver's wife, Jeannette. Inscribed by Jeannette Seaver to Peter [Matthiessen] and his wife: "Your friendship is so precious to me." Matthiessen appears twice in the text and has provided a blurb for the back of the dust jacket. Fine in a fine dust jacket. [#032445] $200
NY, Viking, (1983). An author's copy of his controversial and suppressed book about the confrontation between American Indian activists and the FBI in the early Seventies at Pine Ridge Reservation near Wounded Knee that left two federal agents and one Indian dead, and resulted in AIM activist Leonard Peltier being imprisoned for life, convicted of the agents' murder in a case that Matthiessen describes as rife with government malfeasance. Matthiessen, his publisher, and even some bookstores who had stocked the book were the targets of lawsuits brought by two government officials who claimed they were slandered by the hard-hitting book, which made no bones about its advocacy of the Indians' case. Until a landmark Supreme Court decision upholding Matthiessen's (and Viking's) First Amendment rights, the book was shelved with remaining copies of it being pulped; paperback publication, as well as foreign publication, were blocked for nearly a decade. A significant volume, both for the incendiary nature of its content, as well as the First Amendment battle surrounding its publication and suppression. This copy is from Matthiessen's own library. A little Long Island foxing in evidence; near fine in a near fine dust jacket. Letter of provenance available. [#031447] $150
Norwalk, Easton Press, 1997. One of the author's own copies of the leatherbound limited edition of the second novel in the Watson Trilogy, which later became Shadow Country. Unmarked, but from the library of Peter Matthiessen. Shrink-wrapped. Fine. [#032013] $150
NY, Viking, 1961. A chronicle of a trip through the Amazon wilderness, Matthiessen's second book of nonfiction and the first of his numerous personal accounts of travel and exploration, with which he carved out a unique position in American literature. Signed by the author. Fine in a very good, tanned dust jacket, with rubbing to the joints. [#033183] $150
NY, Dutton, 1972. A nonfiction book about Africa, with text by Matthiessen and photographs by Eliot Porter. Signed by Matthiessen and from the author's own library. This is the correct first edition, in brown cloth, in the first issue dust jacket with both the $17.50 price and the introductory $14.95 price, good until October 25, 1972. After the date mentioned, the first issue jackets were clipped so that only the higher price showed; later jackets were unclipped and only had the higher price. This copy is foxed and has a slice-line down the front cloth; a very good copy in a fair, fully sliced dust jacket, now taped back together: very likely sliced when boxed. [#032053] $150
Shelburne, Chapters, (1994). First thus, a paperback edition of his 1973 book, which was itself taken from the text of his 1967 classic Shorebirds of North America. This is Matthiessen's own copy, with a handful of pages bracketed, as though for a reading, and one typo corrected in the epigraph. Near fine in wrappers. [#032383] $150
Paris, Garnier, (1937). Two volumes, rebound in leather. From the library of Peter Matthiessen, and stamped on the spine with the titles, volume number (I and II), "Paris," and the name "D. Love," Matthiessen's second wife. Leather drying on spine; about near fine. [#032387] $150
NY, Random House, (1982). The uncorrected proof copy. From the library of Peter Matthiessen and with his markings and a few notes in the text and on the rear cover, and with the author's address written in a different hand on the "About the Author" page. Several of Matthiessen's annotations mark passages referring to legendary Sioux leader Crazy Horse; Matthiessen's book about the Wounded Knee siege, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, was published the previous year. Very good in wrappers. [#032410] $150
(Toronto), Stoddart, (1998). Second printing of this collection of essays on economics, environment, and sustainability. Inscribed by the author to Peter Matthiessen and with Matthiessen's markings and notations throughout. Very good in wrappers. [#032432] $150
Norwalk, Easton Press, 2001. A leatherbound limited edition, signed by the author. Unmarked, but from the library of Peter Matthiessen. Still shrink-wrapped; fine. [#032004] $125
(Shepherdstown), Orion Society, 1999. Program for the Orion Society's Millennium Conference, at which Matthiessen was a participant, along with Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez, William Kittredge, Bill McKibben, Ann Zwinger, Rick Bass, Terry Tempest Williams, etc. Unmarked, but from the library of Peter Matthiessen. One of the key events of the environmental movement at the turn of the 21st century: Matthiessen's talk there was both challenging and controversial, urging participants to beware of adopting a holier-than-thou attitude as a result of their concerns for the environment. He opened his speech with a quote from Goethe: "There is no crime of which I do not deem myself capable." 64 pages; near fine in stapled wrappers. [#032435] $125
Philadelphia, Lippincott/National Audubon Society, (1976). Selections from Audubon magazine, including Matthiessen's piece on the Galapagos. Inscribed to Peter Matthiessen "in appreciation" by the editor, Les Line. Near fine in a very good dust jacket. [#032404] $125
(San Francisco), Sierra Club Books, (1997). The limited edition of this book on the "Legend and Lore of the Great Cat." Copy No. 33 of 500 copies; this copy from Matthiessen's own library. Signed by the editor, Maurice Hornocker. Matthiessen's contribution is an excerpt from his book Tigers in the Snow. Fine in a fine dust jacket. [#032429] $125
Bristol, Ampersand, (1984). Matthiessen's first book of short fiction, a collection of stories that date from the Fifties and early Sixties. Printed by a small press at a college in Rhode Island. There were a few special copies being bound in hard covers for people involved with the project; but for the trade, this title was only issued in wrappers. Unmarked, but from the library of Peter Matthiessen. Near fine in wrappers. [#032016] $125
NY, Seven Stories Press, (2012). An anthology, edited by Banerjee. Includes Matthiessen's "In the Great Country," which was first published in Banerjee's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land in 2003. Inscribed by Banerjee to Peter [Matthiessen] and his wife, "with fond memories of our time in the Arctic and Brussels." Banerjee and Matthiessen traveled together to Arctic Alaska three times, and also met at a UNEP climate change symposium in Brussels. Trace edge-sunning; very near fine in a fine dust jacket. [#032092] $125
NY, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, (2008). An exhibition catalog of Arctic landscapes by photographer and ecological activist Subhanker Banerjee, with an introduction by Matthiessen. Inscribed by Banerjee to Matthiessen and his wife, and with a full page autograph letter signed laid in, in which Banerjee expresses deep gratitude for the introduction. Fine, in oblong self-wrappers. Press release laid in. [#032089] $125
San Francisco, Sierra Club, (1970). Large quarto, a book in the Sierra Club "Exhibit Format Series," which began with Ansel Adams' This is the American Earth, which was published in 1960. Photographs by Caufield, with selections from Matthiessen's writings, both nonfiction and fiction, an introduction by Paul Brooks, and an essay by John Mitchell, the editor-in-chief of the Sierra Club. Unmarked, but from the library of Peter Matthiessen. Minor foxing; very good in a very good dust jacket. [#032400] $125
Wheaton, Quest Books, (1995). Inscribed by the author to Peter Matthiessen: "Thank you for endorsing my book. I hope to meet you some day." Matthiessen has a blurb on the front flap: "An unusually stimulating and exhilarating book, of profound value to those seeking to clarify the essential nature of everyday existence -- in short, all of us." Near fine in a near fine dust jacket. [#032426] $125
Boulder, Johnson Books, (2003). An investigative account of an egregious case of environmental degradation and the poisoning of thousands of workers by the W.R. Grace Corporation in Libby, Montana, the site of a vermiculite mine that was heavily tainted with asbestos. From the library of Peter Matthiessen. With a two-paragraph blurb of advance praise from Matthiessen, and with a letter from the publisher laid in expressing gratitude and conveying that "of all the copies we sent out, your response [meant] the most to [Peacock]." Fine in wrappers. [#032439] $125
London, Harvill Press, (2000). First thus, collecting The Tree Where Man Was Born; African Silences; and Sand Rivers, with an introduction by Matthiessen for this edition. Unmarked, but from the library of Peter Matthiessen. Near fine in wrappers. [#032005] $100
NY, Random House, (1965). Matthiessen's own copy of the advance reading copy of his fourth novel. Nominated for the National Book Award and filmed nearly thirty years later, a tale of various Americans with widely divergent aims whose actions all have unintended effects on a tribe of Stone Age Amazonian Indians. This was the first fictional treatment of one of the themes that has dominated Matthiessen's writings, both fiction and nonfiction, over the last 30 years -- the impact of Europeans on the environment and the indigenous cultures living in relative harmony with it, from a perspective that combines the political, cultural and spiritual. Unmarked, but from Matthiessen's library. Foxing to endpages and page edges; spine creased, with an additional crease to the rear cover; a good copy in wrappers. [#032002] $100
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