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All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.

click for a larger image of item #35045, "The Rape of Number Six" (n.p.) [Aspen], (n.p.), (1971). Typed manuscript, seven pages, ribbon copy, with Hunter Thompson's changes, corrections and revisions throughout. When the Aspen Illustrated News, the underground newspaper of Aspen, Colorado, folded in February of 1970, Hunter Thompson and an artist named Tom Benton collaborated to create a new publication -- Aspen Wallposter -- a large-format single sheet with Benton's graphic artwork on one side and Thompson's political writings on the other. After five posters were issued, Thompson and Benton could not find a printer for number 6 and sent it to Canada for printing; after the printing was finished, the entire run was confiscated by Canadian authorities and other individuals supposedly representing the American FBI. Thompson's manuscript here appeared, with some changes, on the back of Wallposter #7, explaining why there had been no number 6, and also introducing a proposal to expose "Treacherous Drug Dealers" -- or "doxing" them as it might be called today. The final paragraph of this typescript does not appear in the published version at all: it was to have exposed a second "treacherous" drug dealer but was cut from the final publication. Thompson manuscripts are very scarce and ones such as this, dating from the time of his abortive run for Sheriff in Aspen (the subject of Wallposter #5) are especially so, predating Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and showing Thompson practicing what would be called "gonzo journalism" at a time before he had become a celebrity. All sheets at least very good. [#035045] $8,500
click for a larger image of item #35046, Generation of Swine NY, Summit Books, (1988). The uncorrected proof copy of the second volume of Thompson's Gonzo Papers. Subtitled "Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80s," comprising short essays on events -- including much on the presidential campaigns -- from late 1985 to early 1988. An alternate subtitle is blacked out on the rear cover: "Two Years in Limbo: A Weekly Diary on the Death of the American Dream in the Eighties...Farewell to John Wayne, Hello to the Fat Man...Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll in a World They Never Knew." This subtitle is also covered over with a label on both the front cover and the title page. Laid in, on San Jose Mercury News letterhead is a note to a reviewer: "Dear Tom [Clark] - I'm glad you can do this. I'm very curious what you make of it. $150. Up to 1200 words. 5/16 deadline. Best - Caroline." Tom Clark was a noted poet and biographer (Kerouac, Olson, Creeley, Dorn, etc.). His review was titled "Bashing the Swine: Hunter S. Thompson Trashes Venality, Greed and Hotel Rooms." Near fine in wrappers. [#035046] $250
click for a larger image of item #32911, Extracts from The Proud Highway (London), Bloomsbury, (1998). The advance reading copy of the British paperback edition (one year after the American and British hardcovers). Fine in wrappers. Uncommon advance copy. [#032911] $150