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All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.

click for a larger image of item #33654, If It Would All Please Hurry Amherst, Shanachie Press, 1980. A limited edition of a poem by Tate which first appeared in The New American Poetry Review. Of a total intended edition of 135 copies, this is Copy "F" of ten lettered copies reserved for the author and the artist, Stephen Riley, and signed by both of them. With etchings and engravings by Riley, each of these lettered and signed by the artist. Riley was a promising artist in the 1970s known for his fantasy illustrations, here accompanying Tate's surrealist poetry. Reportedly, most of the intended edition was never printed, and it's possible that only the 10 author's and artist's copies and 25 Roman-numeraled copies were actually produced. Loose sheets, 11-1/4" x 15", fine, laid into a near fine slipcase. An attractive fine press production, and one of the rarest pieces by the Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning poet. [#033654] $2,500
click for a larger image of item #34372, Mademoiselle Circe and Her Troupe (Circus) 1991. Malgorzata Leszczewska Wlodarska's cliche-verre print from Bruno Schulz's Book of Idolatry. Copy 287 of 300 copies, signed by the artist. Approximately 7" x 6". Matted and framed. Fine. Unmarked, but from the estate of James Tate. [#034372] $300
click for a larger image of item #34413, Matrix Pittsburg, Kansas State College of Pittsburg, 1963, 1965. Two issues of this college literary magazine -- Vol. iii, No. 2 (1963) and Vol. 6, No. 2 (1965) -- each with poetry by Tate (one poem in the first issue; five in the second, one of which won an award). The 1963 issue is item B-1 in the author bibliography published in 1972; the 1965 issue is B-4. From the author's library. Covers rubbed; each is near fine in stapled wrappers. [#034413] $150
click for a larger image of item #34418, Station Island London, Faber and Faber, (1984). The sixth book by the Nobel Prize-winning Irish author. This is the first issue, with no front free endpaper, and the half title being the first page inside the covers. From the library of poet James Tate, and with Tate's signature. Very faint edge foxing, else fine in a fine dust jacket. [#034418] $150
click for a larger image of item #34401, Riven Doggeries (NY), Ecco Press, (1979). Two volumes from the author's library: both the hardcover and softcover issues. Laid into the softcover is a typed list of 27 (whittled to 25) poem titles from this volume, likely for a future collection. The softcover is near fine; the hardcover is fine in a spine-faded, very good dust jacket. [#034401] $125
click for a larger image of item #34424, Writing for Her Life: the Novelist Mildred Walker Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, (2003). A biography of novelist Mildred Walker, written by her daughter, Ripley Hugo, who was both the wife of poet Richard Hugo and a neighbor to poet and novelist James Welch and his wife Lois. This copy is inscribed by Ripley Hugo to the poets Dara Wier and James Tate: "For Dara, for Jim - I wish you an odd read, but someday to hear what you think of it. Hugs and kisses/ Ripley." Laid in is a note to Dara and Jim from Lois Welch: "For Dara & Jim - separate roofs, one heart. I trust you'll like this, perhaps because of Ripley's odd dedication. Much love, Lois." Fine in a near fine dust jacket. A remarkable multiple literary association copy: Richard Hugo was a mentor to a generation of poets and other writers who came of age in the 1960s and 70s, including James Welch; the Welches were longtime friends with Tate and Wier. [#034424] $125
click for a larger image of item #34380, Freemason's Trowel Kansas City, Gate City Lodge, (n.d.). Decorative Mason's trowel, from the Gate City Lodge No. 522 in Kansas City, MO. Fine, in cardboard box, with instructions to "Please hang me in your living room for at least 30 days. This may give your friends an opportunity to appreciate me also." With tiny Mason's pin. From the estate of James Tate, a native of Kansas City. [#034380] $100
click for a larger image of item #34375, Poetry Cards (various). Four cards (three postcards, one notecard) each printing a poem by Tate. From the estate of the author. The postcards are "Dream of a Prose Poem" and "In a Motel on Lake Erie" (Some, no date) and "The Immortals" (Unicorn Press, 1970). The notecard prints "The Plaza" (Metacom Press, 1981, with a linoleum cut by Elaine Quick). Each is near fine or better. [#034375] $100
click for a larger image of item #34403, The Route as Briefed (n.p.), (Self-Published), (ca.1990s). Not to be confused with the 1999 collection of the same name, this is only the title piece, tapebound in printed cardstock covers. Unmarked, but from the author's library. Uncommon. Fine. [#034403] $100
click for a larger image of item #34374, Nobody Goes to Visit the Insane Anymore (n.p.), Unicorn Press, 1971. An author's copy of this broadside poem issued as Unicorn Broadsheet Series II Number 4. One of 300 copies. Printed in green and black on heavy paper; 12" x 18". Near fine. From the author's estate. [#034374] $75
Pittsburg, Kansas State College of Pittsburgh, 1974. A 6-page story for children by Tate in this double-issue of the college literary magazine. Tate, who also gets a full photo on the inside front cover, graduated from KSCP in 1965. Fine in stapled wrappers. From the estate of the author. [#034376] $75
Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1996. Inscribed by Wideman to James Tate. Fine in a fine dust jacket. [#034434] $50
[Pittsburg], Porter Library Bulletin, ca. 1972. A bibliography of Tate's published writings in the first 10 years of his career, beginning when he was 19 years old. 17 pages, from within an issue of the Porter Library Bulletin from the Kansas State College of Pittsburg. 8-1/2" x 11" stapled sheets. Lacking the front cover, thus only a good copy, but from the author's estate. A useful reference to some hard-to-find and small press publications. [#034377] $45
(Brockport), (SUNY Brockport), (1975). A program for two readings by two poets, on consecutive nights: James Tate with Gerard Malanga, and William Matthews with Susan Fromberg Schaeffer. Each poet has a photo, a bio, and a poem in the program. This copy is from the library of James Tate. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#034412] $45
Dickinson, Dickinson State College, 1974. Tate served as poetry editor for this annual publication, and here contributes an insightful and amusing three-page introduction. The collection includes, among other things, Stratis Haviaras's first poems in English. Spine-sunned, near fine in wrappers, with the stamp of a previous owner inside the front cover. [#030830] $40
(NY), Avon, (1956). First thus, an Avon paperback reprint edition from the mid-1960s. From the library of James Tate, and with Tate's signature. Mild sunning and corner creasing; very good in wrappers. [#034415] $30
Middletown, Wesleyan University Press, (1965). The third printing of Justice's 1959 Lamont Poetry winner. With the ownership signature of James Tate. Near fine in a very good dust jacket. [#034426] $30
[NY], Some, (n.d.). Poetry postcard by Tate. From the author's library. This is the yellow issue. Fine. [#034595] $25
[NY], Some, (n.d.). Poetry postcard by Tate. From the author's library. This is the blue issue. Hint of sunning, else fine. [#034594] $25
[NY], Some, (n.d.). Poetry postcard by Tate. From the author's library. Hint of sunning, else fine. [#034593] $25
Louisville, Sarabande Books, (2003). A thin volume, in the Quarternote Chapbook Series. Unmarked, but from the author's library. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#034390] $25
Worcester, Metacom, 1981. Poetry notecard by Tate. From the author's library. One of 300 copies. Linoleum cut by Elaine Quick. Fine. [#034596] $25
[Amherst], (Massachusetts Review), (1979). An offprint of 15 poems by Tate from the Massachusetts Review. Unmarked, but from the author's library. Thin strip of sunning at the spine; else fine in stapled wrappers. [#034404] $25
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