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All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.

June 22, 1988. Two pages promising to send an article which will apparently deal with the parallels between American Indian and Japanese ways of living, the life of Maria Sanchez, and "life lived as an entity, all of a piece. The artist as not a soul divided..." Folded in thirds for mailing; holograph corrections. A nice letter, with good content. Signed by the author. Fine. With envelope. [#015471] $95
[March 1988]. Berge, a longtime poet and novelist who was associated with the New York poetry avant-garde of the 1960s, introduces herself to the recipient, the editor of Art & Antiques magazine, as both a writer and an antiques dealer. The letter is a sales pitch for a scarab ring in her possession and includes a drawing: "To me, it looks like either a Scarab beetle (stylized in form), or/and some sort of old inkwell with plumes extending from it. That suits the idea that I'm into Scarabs and I'm also a novelist and writer." Signed by the author. Folded in thirds for mailing, with a resume and mailing envelope included. Fine. [#015470] $40
[October 1988]. Berge proposes an article on "a renowned Santera." Composed on a typewriter that makes periods look like commas; folded in thirds for mailing; else fine, with envelope. Signed by the author. [#015472] $20