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Radical Software 3 and 5
NY, Schamberg and Schnider/Gordon and Breach, 1971-1972. Two issues. Radical Software was inspired by a Whole Earth Catalog "Access to Tools" philosophy, but with the tools in question not being physical ones -- "hardware" -- but rather ideas and ideologies, practices and projects, and other non-hardware. The word "software" did not yet exist in general use as a synonym for a computer program or application, but the proposed use of media technology for individual, small-scale, personal projects led directly to the development of the personal computer. An intriguing glimpse at some of the early consequences of the social movements of the 1960s, eventually leading to the kind of contemporary "wired" society in which practically everyone is plugged into a larger "software" realm via their private, personal devices. Issue Number 3 is a tabloid style newspaper that is spine-torn and edge-sunned, with some staining on the rear cover; a good copy only. Issue Number 5 is a perfectbound journal with rubbed covers and an inch of black ink on the spine; very good. Publishing note: Issue Number 5 followed Issue Number 6. [#036226] $200

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