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The Red Caddy: A Driving & Maintenance Guide
(n.p.), (n.p.), 1994. Bowden's manuscript of his memoir of his friendship with Edward Abbey, who died in 1989. This is a 96-page photocopied typescript (computer printout), bearing approximately three dozen editorial corrections in pencil. Bowden died in 2014: this memoir was found on Bowden's computer after his death and published (with a different subtitle) by the University of Texas in 2018. Loose pages; fine. Bowden's nonfiction focused on the Southwest, both the natural world and the political and social worlds created by the humans who dwelt there. As such, a memoir of Edward Abbey, whose work combined natural and social history, was a fitting subject for Bowden, who in some ways was following in Abbey's footsteps, although sometimes delving deeper into the social dimensions than Abbey did, in particular with the criminal subcultures of the Mexican cartels. A rare prepublication format, and work-in-progress. [#036188] $750

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