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"A Wasp in a Wig"
[London], Telegraph Sunday Magazine, [1977]. An article by Morton Cohen about the discovery of the galleys for "A Wasp in a Wig," a story deleted from Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, and missing for more than 100 years, until appearing at auction in 1974. This article is the first published appearance of the galleys for a general audience (just ahead of a limited edition issued by The Lewis Carroll Society of America the same month). Reportedly, the episode had been dropped at the request of the illustrator John Tenniel, who thought drawing the character to be "altogether beyond the appliances of art." The task is completed here by Ralph Steadman. Five pages, taken from the Telegraph: Sunday Magazine, September 4, 1977. Folded in fourths; near fine. Laid into a 1966 Nonesuch Press reprint edition of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. [#035099] $200

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