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Amok Press Collection
New York, Amok Press, (1987-1989). A complete run of the books published by Adam Parfrey's Amok Press, his first publishing imprint, a transgressive effort intended to provoke readers and critics. Its first publication was the only novel by Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler's propaganda minister. Eight titles, ten volumes, as follows:
  • GOEBBELS, Joseph. Michael. 1987. Goebbels' novel, originally written in 1923 and first published, in German, in 1929. This is the first and only edition in English, although the book had gone through 17 editions in German by the end of World War II. Translated by Joachim Neugroschel. A handful of marginal markings; several small post-it place-holders inserted. Near fine in wrappers. No other copies of this title are listed online.
  • PARFREY, Adam, editor. Apocalypse Culture. 1987. An anthology of short pieces on a number of controversial, even taboo, subjects. Near fine in wrappers. Together with a later printing of the expanded and revised edition, done by Feral House -- Parfrey's second publishing venture (its motto was "Refuses to Be Domesticated") -- which includes a preface by Parfrey that is not in the original edition, and which is signed by Parfrey in 2002. Very good in wrappers.
  • BLACK, Jack. You Can't Win. 1988. First thus. Black's 1926 autobiography, with a new introduction by William Burroughs, who said he first read it in 1926, and used characters and scenes from it in his own work fifty years later. Near fine in wrappers.
  • GORDON, Mel. The Grand Guignol. 1988. Near fine in wrappers. The first history of the Paris "Theatre of Fear and Terror." Heavily illustrated quarto.
  • KEEL, John A. Disneyland of the Gods. 1988. Fine in wrappers. A book on various paranormal and unexplained events and phenomena, by a noted UFOlogist. Blurb by Robert Anton Wilson.
  • REITMAN, Ben L. Boxcar Bertha. 1988. An autobiography, as told to Reitman, originally published in 1937 as Sister of the Road. A rare look at hoboes, anarchists, hopping freight trains, and the underbelly of society from the point of view of a woman. Introduction by Kathy Acker. Near fine in wrappers. Together with the BOMC hardcover edition, which is fine in a near fine dust jacket.
  • SCHRECK, Nikolas, editor. The Manson File. 1988. A compendium of writings, drawings, and photographs by Charles Manson and friends and followers, published 20 years after the Manson murders in Hollywood. With a blurb by Lynette ("Squeaky") Fromme, one of his followers. Near fine in wrappers.
  • BLACK, Bob and PARFREY, Adam, editors. Rants and Incendiary Tracts. 1989. "Voices of Desperate Illumination, 1558-Present." Short pieces by a variety of writers, from Jean Paul Marat to Timothy Leary. Near fine in wrappers.
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All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.