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Everyday People
NY, Grove Press, (2001). The dedication copy. Inscribed by O'Nan to fellow Pittsburgh author John Edgar Wideman on the dedication page. The printed dedication reads "For John Edgar Wideman." Below this, O'Nan has written: "Yes, for you, John, this work I wasn't sure I could write and was pretty sure I shouldn't write. With many thanks for your good work and your support. Stewart. 4/5/01 BC." O'Nan's novel centers around an African-American family living in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. In a 2001 interview with the Hartford Courant, O'Nan said he had shown his novel to Wideman before publication: "I think it is somewhat strange: a white guy writing black characters," O'Nan said. "It's not done, and I wanted to make sure that [Wideman] was comfortable with it." He had first intended to set the novel in Queens. "But I figure I don't know anything about Queens, and that would have just taken too much time to get it down," he said. "So I figured, well, I'll shift it over and set down in Pittsburgh because I'm from Pittsburgh. I know Pittsburgh. I won't have to do that much research. And that's typical: I'll take something that I know very little about, which would be African American urban culture, and then I'll take something that I'm very familiar with, which would be, say, Pittsburgh, slap 'em together and try to make it work." Fine in a fine dust jacket. [#035037] SOLD

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