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(n.p), (n.p), [2010]. A lavish production, featuring approximately 30 color photographs of Bourdain from his trip to the Azores, a trip that was also documented by the Travel Channel in 2009 as part of his show "No Reservations." Most all of the photographs are individually captioned by Bourdain, many with an added drawing or two, and the book is signed by Bourdain in March, 2010, with "Thanks for doing a good thing for a very worthy cause." The photos are approximately 8" x 12", on sheets that are about 17 3/4" x 11 1/2". Not a formal publication as far as we can tell -- i.e., no publisher indicated, nor any indication that there were other copies of this prepared, with or without captions. Bourdain's captions and illustrations are funny, expressive and often self-deprecating: on the title page he has drawn a self-portrait with carving knife, with an escaping fish, a turnip, a carrot, and the globe, as well as signing his name. Other captions and drawings are borderline hilarious, with the kind of candor that Bourdain showed in his television persona. A remarkable, unique book -- a testament to the much-loved chef and adventurer, whose suicide was widely mourned. Bound in full leather by James Currier of Rhode Island, with a fish hand-tooled into the front cover. Fine, in a fine cloth slipcase. [#034851] SOLD

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