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Dark Dreamers: Facing the Masters of Fear
Baltimore, Cemetery Dance, 2001. The limited edition of this compendium of photographs of and commentary by, or about, more than 100 writers, artists, and fillmmakers working in the horror field, or "on the dark side of the arts." Photos by Gwinn; commentary by Wiater; with an introduction by Clive Barker. This copy is designated "Author's Copy #2" on the colophon, which is the colophon of the 52-copy lettered edition. The binding and endpapers are different from the trade edition, with the binding being full leather stamped in silver and the endpapers sky blue; the book is housed in a full leather tray case. Signed by Wiater, Gwinn, and Barker. From Wiater's library and with his Gahan Wilson-designed bookplate. Fine in a fine dust jacket, in a fine tray case. A very uncommon edition. [#034603] SOLD

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