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NY, Morrow, 1981. An "oral history" of the war, made more powerful by the anonymity of the contributors. This is the Book Club edition, but with a long and powerful inscription from a vet to "my little son" telling him that by reading this book "you'll really know and feel what really happened there. This is the way it honestly & truthfully was. We were not goody-two-shoes as you are taught - we were mean - we had to be mean..." and much more. The inscription has been signed by the soldier, giving name, rank, serial number, and tour-of-duty information. A number of passages in the text have been circled and/or commented upon, presumably also by the father. Sliced along the rear joint; a good copy, lacking the dust jacket. Note: not signed by Baker, but with heartfelt annotations by a soldier, and a father, to a son. [#034487] $100

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