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Autograph Letter Signed
1917. Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, feminist and activist, Hurst often wrote about women's issues and race issues and worked for the rights of women, gays, immigrants and Jews. In 1915 she married pianist Jacques Danielson, kept the marriage a secret for five years, and continued to live separately from him throughout their 37-year marriage in order to maintain her independence. This autograph letter signed, written to her friend, mentor, and editor Robert H. Davis, discloses the marriage for the first time to someone other than her parents, the one friend in attendance at the wedding, and one person who found them out on their return. Hurst recounts all the times she failed to tell Davis, relays who else knows, confirms that Davis is "absolutely the first friend I'm voluntarily telling," and then explains, to the extent she is willing: "I shan't bore you with the complexities of self which prompted me to want it this way. We haven't any 'isms' about it. We slipped painlessly into it and thus far have succeeded in pretty well avoiding that wide rut of matrimony. The dust is still on the butterfly's wings! Of course it will leak out in time...." (It leaked out in 1920.) Hurst then goes on to ask for confidentiality and praise both her husband's understanding and their (her and Davis') friendship. Two full sides of a 7-1/2" x 12" page. Folded for mailing. Near fine. A feminist statement by the author of approximately 20 novels and 300 short stories, basis of approximately 30 Hollywood films. [#034448] SOLD

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