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Tigerbelle. The Wyomia Tyus Story
(Brooklyn), Edge of Sports, (2018). The memoir by the first person to ever win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the 100 meter dash (1964 and 1968). Since then the feat has been replicated by Carl Lewis, Gail Devers, Shelly-Ann Fraser, and exceeded by only Usain Bolt. Signed by Tyus. The 1968 Olympics were notable for the podium "Black Power" protests of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, which grew out of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, organized to protest segregation in the U.S. and South Africa, as well as racism in sports. The organizing of the OPHR was largely a male affair: according to Tyus, the female athletes were not brought into the discussions, and it was just assumed that they would go along (or, perhaps, that whether they did or not was immaterial). During her running of the relay (for which she also won gold), Tyus wore black shorts rather than the uniform white, as her own personal gesture of solidarity with the protests. At the time, no one noticed. At the press conference, she dedicated her relay medal to Smith and Carlos. Fine in wrappers. [#033912] SOLD

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