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The Botany of Desire
NY, Random House, (2001). Apples, tulips, marijuana, potatoes. In his third book, the author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and How To Change Your Mind, among others, examines the relationship between humans and four domesticated plants. This copy is inscribed by Pollan in the year of publication: "6-11-01/ For Warren, Fellow bumblebee. Michael Pollan." The thesis of the book is that these domesticated plants may be viewed as using us -- humans -- as an evolutionary strategy in the same way that flowers use bumblebees to spread their DNA, helping to ensure the species' survival; Pollan's recognition of the recipient's and his own identities as "bumblebees" likely refers to this idea. Laid in is a review of the book, directions to the library in St. Paul where Pollan was appearing, and what seem to be two pages of Warren's handwritten notes on the evening. Fine in a fine dust jacket, which features blurbs by Richard Ford, Bill McKibben, Edward Hoagland, and Alice Waters, among others. Uncommon in the first printing, especially signed. [#033486] SOLD

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