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"The Why and How of Settlements" in Neighborhood: A Settlement Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 3
Boston, National Association of Settlements, 1928. Published the month after Earhart's first transatlantic flight, as a passenger (or, in her terms, "baggage"); the flight nonetheless made her famous, brought her celebrity endorsements, and helped fund her flying career, allowing her to quit the job she had here, as a social worker at Boston's Denison House. This issue of Neighborhood prints Earhart's answers to a questionnaire she had filled out at the Boston Conference of the National Federation of Settlements, and clearly shows thoughtfulness of response, with an awareness of the work as being undervalued and underpaid, and a clear sense that, although one can find meaning and purpose within social work, one (she) can certainly also find it in other realms. There is also a piece about Earhart, by Marion Perkins, describing seeing Earhart off on the day of the flight; and an unattributed write up dedicating this issue to Earhart and to Graham Taylor. Prints a photo of Earhart in flying garb. Jane Addams contributes a piece on Taylor. Stapled wrappers; handling apparent to covers, with tiny edge chips. A very good copy, documenting the waning stages of Earhart's earthbound working life. [#033163] SOLD

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