Correspondence with Richard Seaver
1999-2006. Letters and cards sent by Irving to legendary editor and publisher Dick Seaver and his wife Jeanette. Seaver spent a dozen trailblazing years at Grove Press before working at Viking, and then Holt, Rinehart Winston, before founding and running Arcade Publishing for two decades beginning in 1988. Arcade published Irving's collection Trying to Save Piggy Sneed, in 1996. When Seaver died in 2009, Irving wrote a piece for NPR in which he recounts the times spent with Seaver and his wife and their collective bond over food and books, concluding: "Some publishers are writers' good friends; this one was also a constant inspiration." This collection of letters reflects all of that and more, beginning, in 1999, with a typed letter signed by Irving, first referencing an enclosed photo of his son and then continuing with his views on the play versions of his novel Cider House Rules, in which Irving had no creative role as he himself had been working on the screenplay. Later in 1999, Irving sends an autograph postcard signed (the front of which depicts a 1988 image of Irving) announcing the birth of his first grandchild. There follows an autograph holiday card signed. In January of 2000, Irving sends the Seaver an autograph postcard signed thanking them for their kind words about the film version of Cider House, which had been nominated for seven Academy Awards and two Golden Globes, saying "See other side for an indication of my feelings about the Golden Globes and the Oscars." (The other side depicts George Luks' painting "The Wrestlers.") In March, Irving won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. In 2004, Irving sends an autograph postcard signed to Jeanette thanking her for a cookbook, saying he had been feeling "repetitive in the kitchen" and making a joke about Vermont and roasted squirrels. There's a 2006 retained letter from Seaver to Irving complimenting him on his most recent novel, Until I Find You. Lastly, in a typed letter signed, dated October 3, 2006, he sends news of his family, including his three sons, his mother-in-law, two brothers and a sister that he'd first met just five years prior, and his dog. He talks of working on his twelfth novel (Last Night in Twisted River) which he had set aside as he wrote screenplay adaptations for A Son of the Circus and The Fourth Hand (unproduced as of this writing). And he writes of the "gratifying experience" of his novel Until I Find You: " years in the making. Its reception in Europe, especially in those countries where so much of it is set, has been rewarding -- and in Germany, in Spain, even in Italy. It was just now published in France..." There is more here, but he concludes with "Everyone is fine, although my hatred of Republicans is becoming unhinged...[anecdote, circa 2006, follows]." Six pieces of Irving correspondence to a close friend and colleague. Mailing folds; else all items are fine. [#033052] SOLD

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