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(Brooklyn), McSweeney's, (2000). A collection of 11 items related to the playwright's first novel, as follows: two velobound proofs, one printed on rectos only, one double-sided and signed by Krauser; one copy of the book, unsigned, and with eight copies of the dust jacket (2 folded, 6 flat), each uniquely illustrated, annotated, and/or signed by Krauser (as was the entire print run). The eight annotated and illustrated jackets included here tell a bit of a story: the first one (dated 10/9/00 and labeled #1) features a regal character with a flag; the next five are dated 10/10 and are created on the flight from Reykjavik, Iceland (where the book was being printed and bound), during which Krauser has apparently noticed glaring errors in his proofs. One jacket reads: "Is it possible that my anxiety re THESE THOSE F*CKING TYPOES HOW COULD I MISS THEM is causing turbulence in this plane, to this plane, now? [to believe that would constitute or imply psychosis]...Hell in the Heavens." Next, a self portrait with: "If this plane crashes, the typos in my book won't seem as horrible." And then, a more wavering portrait with, "doodling seems to help - how?- me feel better about the typos TOO MANY TOO MANY OUCH!!! ALL MY MEGALOFAULT." There then follow two more doodled jackets from the same day, one is a bit of a carnival abstract, one is more of an inhabited landscape. Two more doodled proof jackets are wrapped around the book, one dated in November and one in December; the December one is a scrawl but bears the title; the November one seems more equanimous. The six flat jackets are all identified by the author as "printer's proofs" and have the publisher's trim markings and color guide present, and all are signed by Krauser. The two folded jackets are wrapped around the book and have the author's individual designs and dates but no signatures. All elements are fine. Needless to say, unique. [#032988] $500

All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.