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(McSweeney's Store)
As Smart as They Are: The Author Project
[2005]. Three broadsheets showing the development of advertising material for the documentary by Joe Pacheco about the Store's "house band," One Ring Zero, and their collaborations with McSweeney's roster of authors. Readings at the store would be accompanied by One Ring Zero; the band solicited lyrics from the authors and created an album of the resulting songs -- "As Smart as We Are"; and Pacheco made a movie about the process, and created the advertising for a benefit screening. Included here: a 13" x 19" color photo by Pacheco of the postal shelving used by the store, with one odd object per cubbyhole; a second 13" x 19" poster replacing some of those objects with authors and the band One Ring Zero; and a third, finished poster, 11" x 17", replacing some of those authors with text advertising the benefit screening (at 826NYC, as the Store had closed by 2005). Fine. [#032962] $375

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