(McSweeney's Store)
Photo Collection: Writers, Musicians, Artists
ca. 1999-2003. Photographs, taken by the Store's "house photographer" Joe Pacheco, of the people who brought their voices and talents to the Brooklyn Store. All but one are black and white images, all on 8-1/2" x 11" paper, the majority on photo stock; some are marked artist's proofs; many are captioned in type; a few are signed by Pacheco (none is signed by its subject). The inventory of subjects is as follows: Jonathan Ames (2 copies, one captioned); David Byrne (3 images); Clay McLeod Chapman (marked); Stephen Dixon (2 copies, one captioned); Marcel Dzama (2 images, 2 copies of one, one of those marked and captioned, the unique image is a signed proof); Dave Eggers with Roddy Doyle; Dave Eggers with Roddy Doyle and Nick Hornby (2 copies, one captioned); Dave Eggers with Roddy Doyle, Heidi Julavits, and Jonathan Safran Foer (2 copies, one signed and captioned proof); Amy Fusselman (signed); Jonathan Franzen (2 copies, one marked); Mary Gaitskill (2 copies, one captioned, one marked); Myla Goldberg; Kim Gordon; John Hodgman with an unidentified banjo player (2 images); Rick Moody (2 images, one color); Thurston Moore (2 copies, one captioned, one a signed proof; Alex Melamid (2 copies, one captioned); Joyce Carol Oates (2 copies, one captioned, one marked); Darin Strauss; William Vollmann (3 images, 4 copies of one: one image with Sarah Vowell, one (marked) with an unidentified man, and 4 copies of Vollmann at a podium, one of those captioned, one marked, and one a signed proof); five unidentified photos (four of individual men at a microphone; one of three women and a man on a panel). In all, approximately 45 photographs and more than 30 unique images of more than 30 people involved in the experience that was the McSweeney's Brooklyn Store. All items fine. [#032961] SOLD

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