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Gold and the Sun. An Account of Experiments Conducted in Connection with the Total Eclipse of the Sun of 20th May, 1947
Edge, Stroud [UK], Kolisko Archive, 1947. Beginning in the early 1920s, and reportedly working on a suggestion by Rudolf Steiner, Lili Kolisko devised a technique she called "Capillary Dynamolysis" to assess food quality, from an anthroposophical perspective. She later applied her technique to investigate the effects of astronomical bodies on planetary metals: first during a total solar eclipse in Asia Minor in 1936 (building on work done in Germany in 1927), and here, during a total solar eclipse that was "visible" in the Southern Hemisphere, but which was detected by Kolisko's Capillary Dynamolysis in England. 24 page booklet of textual description, in stapled wrappers; with 22 loose pages/plates of photographic reproductions of her experiments with 1% solutions of gold chloride, and with 1% solutions of gold chloride in combination with 1% solutions of silver nitrate, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, tin chloride, or lead nitrate. Seminal scientific work, aiming to provide the basis for scientific understanding of metaphysics and spirituality and, in particular, the notion of correspondences between heavenly bodies and earthly effects. The text and the photographs are near fine, laid into a very good publisher's cardstock chemise. [#032928] $450

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