Typed Letter Signed
1980. April 13, 1980. A one-page letter to Stanley Wiater, a writer whose story, "The Toucher," King had just chosen as winner of the Boston Phoenix short story contest. In his typical self-deprecating way, King writes "You'll notice that I haven't said 'you've won.' I'm a cautious bastard. But it is my understanding that I'm the final judge and so I imagine you have. Just save the celebration until you get notification from the Boston Phoenix." He goes on to say that the story was very good and "reminded me a little of the work of Davis Grubb" and says "it might be published in one of the mystery magazines, if not for the sexual overtones. As you probably know those magazines are usually favored by blue-haired old ladies and they are not into sex." A nice letter from an early point in King's career, just prior to his breakout success. With a color photocopy of the story from the Phoenix. [#032789] SOLD

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