Liar's Poker
NY, Norton, (1989). The first book, about Salomon Brothers and mortgage-backed bonds, by the author of Moneyball, The Blindside, Flash Boys, and The Big Short, among others. Lewis worked at Salomon Brothers for a time, the experience that fueled this well-received, and hilarious, book. Years later, when he wrote The Big Short, he commented on how naive he had been -- as had those who read and reviewed this book -- to have considered what he had experienced at Salomon as extreme or unusual; mostly, he said, those years looked like small-time play compared to the banking practices of the early 2000s. Different paper stocks used in production, resulting in three quarters of the pages being mildly age-toned; otherwise a fine copy in a fine dust jacket with a slight push at the crown. Lewis has become a bestselling author but his first book is scarce in the first printing. A very nice copy of a now-uncommon book. [#032658] SOLD

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