The Signal and the Noise
NY, Penguin Press, 2012. The advance reading copy of the unlikely bestseller about statistics, probability, and predictions. Silver correctly predicted the Presidential winner in 49 of 50 states (and 35 of 35 Senate seats) in the 2008 elections, and in 50 of 50 states in the 2012 elections (with 31 of 33 Senate races). Textual differences exist between this and the published text (but we'd leave it to Silver to say if they're significant): the first and last chapters were re-titled in the published version, in addition to changes in the text itself. Fine in wrappers. Printed advance copies seem to have more or less gone the way of the Dodo in American publishing -- i.e., they're virtually extinct: no copies of this advance issue are listed online at the time of this writing, and this is the only copy we have seen so far. [#031756] SOLD

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