Publisher's Correspondence File for Route 2
[Northridge], [Lord John Press], [1988-1997]. The publisher's correspondence archive of the limited edition of this travel essay co-written by Dorris and Erdrich, and illustrated with drawings by Erdrich. The archive begins in 1988, years before the 1991 publication date of Route 2, with a typed letter signed by Dorris, to the publisher, Herb Yellin, suggesting the concept for the book as an alternative to Yellin's suggestion of "inter-interviews," (perhaps Dorris and Erdrich interviewing each other), which Dorris found "a bit incestuous." A second typed letter signed by Dorris follows, transmitting the articles (not included) on which the book would be based, with Yellin's draft of a reply as well as a retained copy of the actual response. The Agreement to publish the limited edition follows, dated October 24, 1988, signed by Erdrich, Dorris, and Yellin. A few days later, Dorris sends an autograph postcard signed (signing for himself and Erdrich) to Yellin, thanking him for the gift of some books (likely other Lord John Press titles). In early November of 1989, Dorris sends a typed letter signed to Yellin pointing out that it's been a year since the contract was signed, updating him on the Erdrich/Dorris year that has passed (a new book each and child #6), and wishing to move the Route 2 project along (and get paid). An end-of-the-month autograph letter signed by Dorris transmits a selection of photos taken by Jerry Bauer, one of which, an 8" x 9-1/2" black and white of Dorris and Erdrich, is included. Dorris also notes that they will send along a "revised & expanded" Route 2 in the new year. It's not until July of 1990 that Dorris sends a typed letter signed transmitting the new version (not included) explaining that it had to wait until the new book (likely The Crown of Columbus), was finished, but that he and Erdrich are heading back out on the road again and Louise may "(or may not!)" be able to provide additional drawings for the project. In December of 1990, Dorris sends a typed letter signed commiserating with Yellin's family health problems, sharing that his own son is about to have a second round of brain surgery. He also transmits the corrected galleys (included) for Route 2. The galleys, 8" x 17" run 13 pages, plus cover page, and have several penciled corrections. An autograph postcard signed by Dorris from three days later says he hopes the galleys were received. Two canceled checks, one to Erdrich, one to Dorris, (stamped not signed), dated March 21, 1991, and in the amount of $500 each are included. In June, Dorris sends Yellin a typed letter signed complimenting him extensively on the craftsmanship of the author copies he and Erdrich had received. An autograph postcard signed by Dorris from the end of the year finds him providing information needed for tax purposes and inquiring how the book had done. In an undated autograph letter signed, c. 1993 and written on a note from Yellin, Dorris thanks Yellin for his (unspecified) contribution and encloses three books as an additional thank you. Also in 1993, there is a License Agreement between Lord John Press and HarperCollins, for Lord John's limited edition of Erdrich's Bingo Palace. From 1997, there are six color photographs of Erdrich at a reading/signing. From 2004, there is included an email to Yellin from a person unknown to us that praises Dorris and is exceedingly unflattering to Erdrich; Yellin's response is cordial and diplomatic. Also included, from the active years of the production of Route 2, are three years (1988, 1989, 1990) of year-end/holiday postcards with family images, all signed by Dorris on behalf of both himself and Erdrich (1990 has two copies of the same card). In this archive of 16 signed items by Dorris, Erdrich's signature appears only on the Route 2 contract and on an undated (and possibly unpublished) 7-line holograph poem signed in full, "Louise Erdrich," titled at the end, "Messengers." Other than the usual mailing folds and some offsetting to Dorris' second letter, the archive is near fine or better. [#031729] SOLD

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