(Broadside Press)
26 Titles
Detroit, Broadside Press, (1969-1974). Twenty-six titles from the Broadside Press, founded by Dudley Randall in 1965 to publish African-American writers who had been largely overlooked by mainstream (read: white) publishers. All titles are first printings, with 17 being review copies, as follows:
  • RANDALL, Dudley, editor. Black Poetry. 1969. The subtitle to this volume is "A Supplement to Anthologies Which Exclude Black Poets," a succinct characterization of the mission statement of the press.
  • EMANUEL, James. Panther Man. 1970.
  • JEFFERS, Lance. My Blackness is the Beauty of This Land. 1970.
  • RANDALL, James, Jr. Don't Ask Me Who I Am. 1970.
  • BROOKS, Gwendolyn. Aloneness. 1971.
  • HODGES, Frenchy Jolene. Black Wisdom. 1971. Review copy.
  • LONG, Doughty. Song for Nia. 1971. Review copy.
  • LONG, Doughty. Black Love, Black Hope. 1971.
  • NICHOLES, Marion. Life Styles. 1971. Review copy.
  • ALHAMISI, Ahmed. Holy Ghosts. 1972. Review copy. Perfectbound.
  • AUBERT, Alvin. Against the Blues. 1972. Review copy.
  • BOZE, Arthur. Black Words. 1972. Review copy.
  • CANNON, C.E. St. Nigger. 1972. Review copy.
  • GAYLE, Addison, Jr. Claude McKay: The Black Poet at War. 1972. Review copy.
  • LOMAX, Pearl Cleage. We Don't Need No Music. 1972. Review copy.
  • PFISTER, Arthur. Beer Cans, Bullets, Things & Pieces. 1972. Review copy. Introduction by Imamu Amiri Baraka.
  • THIGPEN, William A. Down Nigger Paved Streets. 1972. Review copy.
  • WITHERSPOON, Jill, editor. The Broadside Annual 1972. Review copy.
  • WOLDE, Habte. Enough to Die For. 1972. Review copy, with both review slip (which gives the publication date as March, 1973) and author bio laid in.
  • BOYER, Jill Witherspoon, editor. The Broadside Annual 1973.
  • RANDALL, James. Cities and Other Disasters. 1973. Review copy.
  • WALKER, Margaret. October Journey. 1973. Review copy.
  • BARLOW, George. Gabriel. 1974. Perfectbound.
  • BELL, Bernard W. The Folk Roots of Contemporary Afro-American Poetry. 1974. Perfectbound.
  • DRAFTS, C. Gene. Bloodwhispers/Blacksongs. 1974. Review copy, with both review slip and author bio laid in.
  • TISDALE, Celes, editor. Betcha Ain't. Poems from Attica. 1974. Review copy.
All issues in stapled wrappers, except for the three perfectbound titles listed; some very minor edge-sunning or rubbing to some of the issues; the lot is easily near fine or better. These came from the library of a writer who was also a small press publisher -- and probably exchanged publications with Randall -- as well as a professor of African and African-American literature. [#031689] SOLD

All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.