Collection of Fine Review Copies of Dell/Abyss Horror Paperbacks
NY, Dell/Abyss, 1991-1996. Sixteen paperback titles in Dell's Abyss Horror paperback line: fourteen are first printings; fourteen are review copies; all but one are fine. As follows:1991 - Brian Hodge, Nightlife; Kelley Wilde, Mastery; 1992 - Lisa Tuttle, Lost Futures; Dennis Etchison, editor, Metahorror; Mark Morris, Stitch; Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Anthony Shriek; 1993 - Kelley Wilde, Angel Kiss; Gail Petersen, The Making of a Monster; Melanie Tem and Nancy Holder, Making Love; Tanith Lee, Heart Beast;1995 - Melanie Tem, Desmodus; Douglas Clegg, The Children's Hour;1996 - Kristine Kathryn Rusch, The Devil's Churn; Nancy Holder and Melanie Tem, Witch-Light; Ellen Datlow, editor, Twists of the Tale. All but Anthony Shriek and Making Love have review material laid in. All but Darker Saints and Heart Beast are first printings (they are second printings, but have review material laid in). The Children's Hour has the stamp of another author on the title page. All but Making Love are fine in wrappers (Making Love has one tiny corner crease and is very near fine). The Dell/Abyss imprint was created to elevate the horror genre to be "cutting edge psychological horror" and "the best, most innovative dark fiction available," according to the publisher's mission statement. Stephen King provided an unsolicited blurb for the entire series, the first time he had blurbed an entire series, and the first time he had asked to be allowed to provide a blurb, rather than being asked for one. The imprint eventually published over 40 titles before folding. This lot represents something under half the titles produced in the lifetime of the imprint. Lot price for 16 titles. [#031176] SOLD

All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted.