Preliminary Prospectus/225,000,000 Shares/The War in Vietnam
NY, Workman, (1970). Elaborate parody prospectus, offering shares in the Vietnam war and suggesting what a good investment such shares would be: "The Company's advertising is carried on domestically by its Chief Executive Officer on network television at prime time, free of charge...Since statements made by the management are not subjct [sic] to standards of truth imposed on other advertisers...the Company believes that it will always be able to obtain its objectives through advertising and public relations campaign." Other sections detail the "Risk Factors": "The Company has been actively engaged in business for over six years and operations to date have not been profitable." A thorough parody, tinged with the cynicism and bitterness that characterized the polarized debate on the war at that point in time. 16 pages; folded once vertically, by design; the word "Read" in pencil on the front; else fine in stapled wrappers. [#029842] SOLD

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