Suppose One Were A Fish
[Seattle], Incunabla, 2007. A broadside excerpt from Crowley's Little, Big, issued in conjunction with what was to be the 25th anniversary edition of Crowley's World Fantasy Award-winning novel, which is still a work-in-progress but has yet to be published. A 24" x 37" poster, with art by Peter Milton, whose haunting drawings, etchings, engravings and prints were to grace the new edition. When Little, Big was first published, Ursula LeGuin famously wrote that "all by itself it calls for a redefinition of fantasy"; Thomas Disch called it "the greatest fantasy novel ever." The literary critic Harold Bloom listed three books by John Crowley, including Little, Big, in his book The Western Canon. Bloom is listed as providing an Introduction to the anniversary edition of the novel. One can get a sense, from this poster, of the aesthetic of the anniversary volume, as one can from various parts of the above website. Rolled; else fine. [#029648] $25

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