Argument without End. In Search of Answers to the Vietnam Tragedy
NY, Public Affairs, (1999). A dialogue between McNamara, James G. Blight, Robert K. Brigham, Thomas J. Biersteker and Col. Herbert Y. Schandler about Vietnam and the lessons to be learned from it. McNamara is listed as the primary author; he was Secretary of Defense under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson when the Vietnam war was escalated from a small scale advisory effort to a full-fledged war, which went on for a decade and became, by some accounts, the first war the United States ever lost. McNamara wrote a memoir, published in the 1990s prior to this book, in which he repudiated his decisions and actions as Secretary of Defense, and acknowledged he had been wrong and that the war was a mistake -- a position that stirred controversy from virtually every corner. This copy is signed by all five participants (inscribed by Schandler). Fine in a fine dust jacket. [#028679] SOLD

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