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Tales of Power
NY, Simon & Schuster, (1974). The uncorrected proof copy of Castaneda's fourth book in the influential series that began with The Teachings of Don Juan. Castaneda's books were published as nonfiction -- first person accounts of his extraordinary experiences with a Yaqui Indian shaman in Sonora, in northern Mexico. Later they were shown to have been largely or wholly fictional accounts derived from the author's readings and, presumably, his own use of hallucinogenic drugs similar to the ones he ascribes to Don Juan. Notwithstanding their fictional nature, they were and continue to be influential for having initiated a dialogue not only about cultural authenticity but also about the coherence of spiritual and mystical traditions in Native American and Mesoamerican cultures; in effect the books comprised, at the least, a critique of the cultural bias in traditional anthropology and helped usher in a new degree of critical thinking about such issues, a new sensitivity to cultural diversity grounded in that critical thinking, and also what became known as the New Age movement. Padbound proof; fine in tall wrappers. Scarce. [#019794] SOLD

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