1990-1991. A typed note signed (October 22, 1990) on a 4-1/2" x 5" card, in which Fisher expresses delight at a pending meeting with her occasional editor of over six years. With a note written by Fisher's assistant on Fisher's behalf (February 27, 1991), and another card written by Fisher's assistant (May 10, 1991), which reports secondhand on the meeting: "Mary Frances loved hearing all about you and the magazine, and she hopes you'll find a rich 'gentleman farmer' to help you carry on the fine ART & ANTIQUES tradition." Together with a dictated note (June 24, 1991), on a 4" x 5-1/2" card, in which Fisher acknowledges her correspondent's interesting letters and apologizes for her lack of response: "I find it very hard to dictate even with the artificial help of an amplifier for my present whisper." She expresses relief at having missed an Academy Ceremony, and concludes with the promise of corresponding and perhaps submitting something soon. All items fine, with mailing envelopes. [#015569] SOLD

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