Young Lonigan
NY, Vanguard Press, 1932. A "special edition, the sale of which is limited to physicians, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, social workers, teachers and other persons having a professional interest in the psychology of adolescence." Farrell's first novel, originally published in 1932 as the first book in the Studs Lonigan trilogy, which chronicled the maturing, degradation and, finally, death of a young Chicago man, destroyed by the pressures of modern urban street life. The books were controversial in their day for their unflinching, realistic portrayal of the brutalities of city life and their honest rendering of both the thoughts and the speech of a youth growing up on the streets. This edition, with an added preface, prints the above three times on the jacket, with the added disclaimer that "It is the sincere conviction of the publisher that this book could not conceivably harm any individual, whether or not a member of a profession. The plan for restricting its circulation has been adopted merely for the purpose of meeting official prejudice." Near fine in a fair, fragile jacket, chipped along the edges and with a detached front flapfold. [#011435] $300

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