Vietnam War Literature, 4

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295. Labin, Suzanne. VIETNAM. AN EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNT. Springfield, VA: Crestwood, 1964. A fiercely anti-Communist tract by an author who was friends of the Ngo brothers and others in Vietnam in the early sixties. Second printing. Near fine in wrappers.

296. Labin, Suzanne. SELLOUT IN VIETNAM? Arlington, VA: Crestwood. Updated, enlarged edition of Vietnam. An Eye-Witness Account. A conservative tract, ending with an exhortation of "Total Defeat of Communism!" This copy inscribed by the author. Very good in wrappers.

297. Lane, Mark. CONVERSATIONS WITH AMERICANS. NY: S&S (1970). Interviews with, and personal accounts of, 32 Vietnam veterans, about torture tactics, atrocities and massacres. Fine in near fine dust jacket. Inscribed by the author.

298. -. Same title, uninscribed. Fine in dust jacket.

299. Lang, Daniel. CASUALTIES OF WAR. NY: McGraw-Hill (1969). First edition of this account of the kidnapping, rape and murder of of a Vietnamese girl by four American soldiers. Basis for the recently released film. This is the softcover edition; there apparently was a hardcover first edition, although the only hardcovers I have seen have been the second printing. A fine copy of this important book.

300. -. INCIDENT ON HILL 192. Lon: Secker & Warburg (1970). Same book, re-titled for the English edition. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

301. Lanning, Michael Lee. THE ONLY WAR WE HAD. A Platoon Leader's Journal of Vietnam. NY: Ivy (1987). Paperback original. A near fine copy.

302. Lanning, Michael Lee. VIETNAM, 1969-1970. A Company Commander's Journal. NY: Ivy (1988). Paperback original. Fine in wrappers. Sequel to the above.

303. Lanning, Michael Lee and Ray William Stubbe. INSIDE FORCE RECON. NY: Ivy (1989). Paperback original, about the Marine Reconnaissance companies in Vietnam. Fine.

304. Larsen, Wendy Wilder and Tran Thi Nga. SHALLOW GRAVES. Two Women and Vietnam. NY: RH (1986). The story of a friendship between an American woman and a Vietnamese woman, in Vietnam. An unusual book, written entirely in verse. Uncorrected proof copy, very good.

305. -. Same title, first edition. Very fine in dust jacket.

306. -. Another copy, fine in dust jacket and signed by both authors.

307. Larson, Lance. VIETNAM AS I LIVED IT. NY: Vantage (1972). Autobiographical account by a young Marine. Despite the dust jacket copy referring to this as a "novel" it appears to be a straightforward personal account. Fine in dust jacket. A scarce "vanity press" item.

308. Le Trang and Doan Bich. SAIGON IN THE FLESH. Saigon: Le Trang, 1965. An introduction to Saigon written for foreigners, including a section on Vietnamese customs. A cheaply produced volume, touching in retrospect in its innocence ("...dressmaker's row along Tu Do street is strictly a woman's world. And what a world it is..."). This copy is slightly foxed, the spine is weakening, and there are a number of marginal and interlinear notations in Vietnamese. Very good; scarce.

309. Levy, Charles J. SPOILS OF WAR. Bos: HM, 1974. Sociologist's book about Vietnam veterans, with numerous first person statements by the veterans themselves. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

310. Lifton, Betty Jean and Thomas C. Fox. CHILDREN OF VIETNAM. NY: Atheneum, 1975. Fourth printing of this book with numerous anecdotes about Vietnamese children, from the authors' time in Vietnam. Illustrated with photographs. Fine in dust jacket.

311. Linedecker, Clifford. KERRY. Agent Orange and an American Family. NY: St. Martin's (1982). An account of a family whose daughter was born with birth defects resulting from her father's exposure to Agent Orange. Fine in fine dust jacket.

312. -. Another copy, very good, lacking the dust jacket.

313. Lomax, Louis E. THAILAND: THE WAR THAT IS, THE WAR THAT WILL BE. NY: RH (1967). Eyewitness report of American involvement in, and Communist insurgency in Thailand, in the mid-1960s. "Another Viet Nam in the making." Slightly foxed; near fine in dust jacket.

314. Lowry, Timothy S. AND BRAVE MEN, TOO. NY: Crown (1985). Accounts of Medal of Honor winners in Vietnam. Fine in fine dust jacket.

315. Lucas, Jim G. DATELINE: VIET NAM. NY: Award House, 1966. Personal account of this reporter's two years in Vietnam. Fine in very good, price-clipped dust jacket.

316. -. Another copy, second printing. Fine in dust jacket.

317. -. Same title, first paperback edition (NY: Award, 1967). Very good copy. 318. Luce, Don and John Sommer. VIET NAM - THE UNHEARD VOICES. Ithaca, NY: Cornell U. (1969). Personal account by two volunteers who spent many years in Vietnam, learning the culture and the language, and who wrote this book in hope that it would help the Vietnamese voices to be heard in this country. Fine in near fine dust jacket and signed by Sommer.

319. -. Same title, second printing, in a variant dust jacket with British price. Near fine in dj.

320. Lunn, Hugh. VIETNAM - A REPORTER'S WAR. NY: Stein and Day (1985). Personal account of his time in Vietnam, by an award-winning Australian reporter. Review copy, fine in dust jacket.

321. Lynd, Staughton and Thomas Hayden. THE OTHER SIDE. NY: New American Library (1966). An account of the trip taken by the authors to North Vietnam in 1965, as well as a criticism of U.S. policy in the war. Near fine in dust jacket.

322. MacPherson, Myra. LONG TIME PASSING. Garden City: Doubleday, 1984. A massive book based on hundreds of interviews with veterans, their families, protesters, etc. Fine in dust jacket.

323. Mallin, Jay. TERROR IN VIETNAM. Princeton: Van Nostrand (1966). Small book by a reporter on Viet Cong use of terror as a "highly developed, highly refined political weapon." Reprint of Time magazine review stapled to front endpaper, otherwise fine, lacking dust jacket. Uncommon.

325. Mangold, Tom. THE TUNNELS OF CU CHI. NY: RN (1985). Historical account of "tunnel rats" in Vietnam, with many first-person statements. Fine in fine dust jacket.

326. Marks, Richard E. THE LETTERS OF RICHARD E. MARKS, USMC. Phil: Lippincott (1967). Letters home from a Marine killed in Vietnam. An uncommon early compilation. Near fine in dj.

327. Marnais, Phillip. SAIGON AFTER DARK. NY: Macfadden (1967). Expose of "sin in Saigon", but which reads more like soft-core pornography. Paperback original. Fine copy.

328. -. Second printing (1970). Also paperback, a near fine copy.

329. Marshall, Kathryn. IN THE COMBAT ZONE. An Oral History of American Women in Vietnam, 1966-1975. Bos: LB (1987). Twenty women's stories. Advance review copy, fine in dust jacket.

330. -. Same title, not a review copy. Fine in fine dust jacket.

331. Marshall, S.L.A. BIRD. The Christmastide Battle. (NY): Cowles (1968). First edition of this classic account of a battle in which U.S. troops guarding a Landing Zone repulsed a North Vietnamese attack force which outnumbered them five-fold. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

332. Marshall, S.L.A. AMBUSH. NY: Cowles (1969). "The Battle of Dau Tieng, also called The battle of Dong Minh Chau, War Zone C, Operation Attleboro and Other Deadfalls in Vietnam" by this noted historian, a retired Brigadier General. With sketches by the author. Fine in dust jacket.

333. -. Same title, reprint edition (Nashville: Battery 1983). Fine in dust jacket.

334. Marshall, S.L.A. WEST TO CAMBODIA. NY: Cowles (1968). Another of his numerous, and important books on the war. Marshal, the author of Pork Chop Hill, about a Korean War battle, became embroiled in controversy when his "oral-history" technique of reconstructing the particulars of a battlefield led him to the conclusion that most fighting men did not even discharge their weapons in the heat of battle, a theory which was first embraced and acted on by military officials, and later challenged and discredited. Like the above title, this is illustrated with sketches by the author. Fine in dj.

335. -. Same title, reissue (Nashville: Battery 1984). Fine in dust jacket.

336. Marshall, S.L.A. THE FIELDS OF BAMBOO. NY: Dial, 1971. Anecodotal histories of three battles in Vietnam, by the acknowledged master of this sort of historical reconstruction. Fine in dj.

337. Marshall, S.L.A.. AMBUSH AND BIRD. GC: DD (1968) (1969). Book club edition, published much later than the original editions. Publisher's ownership stamp, otherwise fine in fine dj.

338. Marshall, S.L.A. UNTITLED. (n.p.): (n.p.) c. (1973). The text of a speech given at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy in 1973 which addresses "the military lessons" of the war. Mechanically reproduced sheets (8 1/2" X 11"), stapled. Poor quality reproduction, otherwise condition fine.

339. Martin, Earl S. REACHING THE OTHER SIDE. NY: Crown (1978). Subtitled "The Journal of an American who stayed to witness Vietnam's postwar transition". The author was a Mennonite who went to Vietnam to help orphans, the homeless and the maimed, and who arranged with the Viet Cong to stay after the Communist takeover. Fine in dust jacket.

340. Mason, Robert C. CHICKENHAWK. NY: Viking (1983). Acclaimed first-person account by a heavily decorated helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Reprinted a number of times, the first printing is uncommon. One of the best of the personal accounts, although there has been some controversy surrounding this book, with critics suggesting more of it is fictional than the author claims. Fine in dust jacket.

341. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

342. Maurer, Harry. STRANGE GROUND. Americans in Vietnam 1945-1975 - An Oral History. NY: Holt (1989). Advance review copy of this massive book comprised of numerous personal statements about the war by participants, both people who allowed their names to be used and ones who wished to remain anonymous. Fine in fine dust jacket.

343. May, Jacques M. SIAM DOCTOR. Garden City: Doubleday, 1949. A French Doctor's experiences in Bankok and Hanoi from 1932 - 1940. A fine copy in near fine dust jacket.

344. May, Someth. CAMBODIAN WITNESS. NY: RH (1986). First-person account by a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime, who lost 10 of the 14 members of his family during that time. Fine in jacket.

345. Mayer, Tom. CLIMB FOR THE EVENING STAR. Bos: HM, 1974. Personal account about flying, including reminiscences of riding, as a reporter, in helicopter combat in Vietnam. Mayer is the author of the excellent story collection The Weary Falcon. Very good in dust jacket. Scarce.

346. McCarthy, Mary. VIETNAM. NY: Harcourt, Brace and World (1967). First person account of the author's trip to Vietnam, which she undertook "looking for material damaging to the American interest", as she explains. Only issued in wrappers in this country, which did not please the author. Fine.

347. -. Same title, with erratum slip laid in correcting an error on page 95. Very good.

348. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Spiralbound quarto sheets, printed on rectos only, in card-stock covers bearing the publisher's printed logo. Likely only a small number of copies would have been done in such a format, perhaps only for in-house use. An important, early polemic, from a woman of letters who went beyond mere posturing and rhetoric, pursuing her convictions all the way to "the front".

349. -. Same title, first English edition (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1967), and first hardcover. A very good copy in a dust jacket with several edge chips, internally strengthened with tape.

350. McCarthy, Mary. HANOI. NY: HBW (1968). The second of her "pamphlets" about -- and against -- the war, this one includes an account of her trip to Hanoi as well as an exchange of letters between the author and Diana Trilling about the implications of abandoning the war effort in Vietnam. Fine.

351. -. Same title, review copy with slip laid in. Very good in wrappers.

352. -. Same title, first English edition (London: W&N, 1968), and first hardcover edition. Fine in a fine, price-clipped dust jacket.

353. McCarthy, Mary. MEDINA. NY: HBJ (1972). By far the scarcest of her three pamphlets on the war, this is an uncorrected proof copy -- quarto sheets, printed on rectos only, bound into the publisher's printed wrappers. A fine copy; very scarce.

354. -. Same title, first edition, only issued in wrappers. Near fine.

355. McCarthy, Mary. THE SEVENTEENTH DEGREE. NY: HBJ (1974). Five essays about Vietnam, including the three titles listed above; the opening essay, "How It Went", discusses the curious lack of reception the three smaller publications got, particularly Medina, which was virtually unavailable, she reports, immediately after publication. An important collection by this novelist.

356. McClary, Clebe with Diane Barker. LIVING PROOF. Atlanta, GA: Cross Roads (1978). Third printing. First person account about "Vietnam hero Lt. Clebe McLary", who was badly injured in Vietnam and later became an evalgelist. Foreword by Tom Landry, longtime Dallas Cowboys coach. Near fine copy in wrappers. Illustrated with photographs.

357. McConnell, Malcolm. INTO THE MOUTH OF THE CAT. NY: Norton (1985). The story of Lance Sijan, fighter-bomber pilot who was shot down, captured and tortured. He escaped was recaptured and later died in Hanoi. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. This is an advance review copy, with promotional material laid in. Fine in dust jacket.

358. McDaniel, Eugene B., Capt. USN. with James Johnson. BEFORE HONOR. Philadelphia: Holman (1975). POW narrative of a Navy flier in North Vietnamese prison camp. Fine in dust jacket with a tear on the rear panel (approx. 1 1/2").

359. McDaniel, Eugene with James Johnson. SCARS AND STRIPES. (n.p.): (n.p.) (n.d.) (1982?). Paperback edition of this POW narrative, originally published as Before Honor. Apparently done as some kind of giveaway or fundraiser. Fine in wrappers.

360. McDaniel, Norman A. YET ANOTHER VOICE. NY: Leisure (1975). Paperback original, another POW narrative, about an Air Force pilot whose faith in God gets him through the hard years of prison camp. Very good in dust jacket.

361. McGinniss, Joe. FATAL VISION. NY: Putnam's (1983). Controversial book about a former Green Beret officer convicted of murdering his family. Not directly concerned with Vietnam, but the war forms a backdrop, as does the counterculture and the changes rocking U.S. society in the late '60s. McGinniss has been accused of breaching journalistic ethics to get this portrait of Jeffrey MacDonald, the convicted killer. Very good in edgeworn dust jacket.

362. McGrady, Mike. A DOVE IN VIETNAM. NY: Funk & Wagnalls (1968). An account of the war by a journalist who won a major journalism award for his coverage for a Long Island daily newspaper. Fine in very good, price-clipped dust jacket.

363. McGrath, John M. PRISONER OF WAR. Six Years in Hanoi. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute (1975). Fifth printing. A POW account, consisting of the author's sketches of his prison experience, with short paragraphs describing each sketch. Fine in dust jacket with a long tear rear panel.

364. McMullen, James P. CRY OF THE PANTHER. Englewood, FL: Pineapple (1984). Account of a Vietnam veteran tracking a big cat in Florida, and tracking his own memories of Vietnam at the same time. The author lived in the "jungle" of the Florida Everglades for eight years after his return to the U.S. This is a fine copy in fine dust jacket.

365. Mecklin, John. MISSION IN TORMENT. An Intimate Account of the U.S. Role in Vietnam. NY: Doubleday, 1965. Written by the man who was Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, May 1962 to January 1964, and whose counseling of President Kennedy influenced important poicy decisions during that time. Previous owner inscription, otherwise near fine in dust jacket.

366. Menger, Matt J. IN THE VALLEY OF THE MEKONG. Paterson, NJ: St. Anthony's Guild (1970). First person account of a missionary in Laos. This is the hardcover issue, fine in dust jacket.

367. -. Same title, the simultaneous issue in wrappers. Fine.

368. Merritt, William E. WHERE THE RIVERS RAN BACKWARDS. Athens, GA: U. of Georgia (1989). Uncorrected proof copy. Account of the author's tour of duty in Vietnam, told in numerous short vignettes. Promotional sheet laid in with Tim O'Brien blurb, among others. Fine.

369. Meshad, Shad. CAPTAIN FOR DARK MORNINGS. Playa Del Ray, CA: Creative Image Associates (1982). Autobiogrpahical account of the author's service as a "psych officer" at the 95th Evac hospital, in Danang, and his conflicts with the Army brass. Fine in dust jacket and inscribed by the author.

370. -. Same title, unsigned. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

371. Miller, Carolyn Paine. CAPTURED! Chappaqua, NY: Christian Herald Books (1977). A mother's storyof her family's imprisonment in 1975 by the Viet Cong while on missionary duty. Fine in near fine dust jacket. One of the few books which is both a missionary tale and a POW account.

372. Miller, John Grider. THE BRIDGE AT DONG HA. Annapolis: NI (1989). Account of one Marine's accomplishment in destroying a strategic bridge, saving his comrades from the approaching enemy and forestalling a major invasion. Fine in dust jacket.

373. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

374. Monroe, Malcolm. THE MEANS IS THE END IN VIETNAM. White Plains: Murlagan (1968). A personal statement aimed at the peace movement, attempting to "moderate" the more extreme elements by articulating a position critical of the war without breaking away from the rule of law. As the author says, it is "a book of advocacy". Near fine in wrappers. Stamped "Review Copy". Scarce.

375. Moroz, Harold R. THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM. Hicksville, NY: Exposition Press (1978). "Vanity press" revisionist history of the war, by a writer then 20 years old; another personal statement of advocacy. Very good in dust jacket with several repaired tears front panel.

376. Morris, Jim. WAR STORY. Boulder, CO: Sycamore Islands (1979). Personal account by a former Green Beret who worked and fought with the Montagnards during his three tours in Vietnam. Fine in dust jacket. An important and well-written personal account by a highly decorated soldier and a professional writer -- the author of The Strawberry Soldier and later a correspondent for Soldier of Fortune magazine (see next entry).

377. Morris, Jim. THE DEVIL'S SECRET NAME. Canton, OH: Daring Books (1989). Account of the author's experiences covering a number of wars as a correspondent for Soldier of Fortune magazine, with "flashbacks" to his time in Vietnam. Review copy, fine in dust jacket.

378. Mowat, Farley. FARLEY MOWAT SPEAKS OUT ON CANADA'S ROLE IN VIETNAM. (Toronto): (Toronto Co-Ordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam) (1966). Novelist Mowat's contribution to a conference on the war in early 1966. An early antiwar statement by this naturalist/writer who later wrote a memoir of his own war experiences, in World War II, and who has been banned from entering this country because of his political affiliations. Near fine, pamphlet. Scarce.

379. Mulligan, Hugh A. NO PLACE TO DIE. NY: Morrow, 1967. Report on Vietnam by a combat correspondent for the Associated Press. This copy inscribed by the author in 1969. Fine in dj.

380. -. Same title, uninscribed. Fine in dust jacket.

381. Mulligan, Capt. Jim. THE HANOI COMMITMENT. Virginia Beach: RIF Marketing (1981). POW account by this Navy flyer. Very good, lacking dust jacket, signed by the author.

382. -. Same title, unsigned. A fine copy in a very good dust jacket.

383. Murphy, Rae. VIETNAM: IMPRESSIONS OF A PEOPLE'S WAR. Toronto: Canadian Tribune, 1967. Personal account of his trip to North Vietnam, by this left-wing Canadian reporter. Small pamphlet browned with age, otherwise fine.

384. Myers, Thomas. WALKING POINT: American Narratives Of Vietnam. NY: Oxford, 1988. Uncorrected proof copy. A combination of literary criticism -- focused on several of the novels and important personal accounts of the war (Dispatches,If I Die in a Combat Zone, and others) -- and personal quest for clarity and understanding, beyond the verbiage and rhetoric of the various "positions" on the war. Sticker mark front cover, otherwise fine.

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