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198. (Garcia Marquez, Gabriel). "The Vietnam Wars" in ROLLING STONE No. 318, May 29, 1980. An account of Vietnam as seen by Garcia Marquez on a trip there, just about the time of the war with, and invasion of Vietnam by China, and at the height of the exodus of "boat people." The report opens: "The most exspensive medicine in Vietnam last August were pills for seasickness." Very good.

199. -. Another copy, one (unrelated) page excised otherwise very good.

200. Gardner, Leland. VIETNAM UNDERSIDE!. (San Diego): (PEC) (1966). Paperback original, presented as an expose of vice in Vietnam, but by all appearances more of an attempt at justifying some racy stories -- not quite soft-core pornography, but "suggestive" material. Fine copy.

201. Garland, Albert N. A DISTANT CHALLENGE. The US Infantryman in Vietnam, 1967-1972. Nashville: Battery Press (1983). Book club edition. Numerous anecdotes.

202. Gaylin, Willard, M.D. IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY. War Resisters In Prison. NY: Viking (1970). A study of draft resistors who chose prison over deferment or exile. Many personal statements. Near fine in dust jacket.

203. Gearin, Ltc. C. J. TWO-PAGE ALS from LTC Gearin in Vietnam to a friend at the Center for International Studies at MIT with details of his brigade -- "...the most diversified in Nam. Daily we employ three kinds of helicopter, three types of river boat, armored personnel carriers, five calibers of artillery, four Air Force types, two kinds of dogs...and over 6,000 kinds of soldier..." He goes on to talk about the South Vietnamese ("...the little soldier is still good enough, but the top is trash...") and to offer more information if desired ("...The kids here make it disrespectful to objectively discuss the matter, but I'm prepared to be objectively analytic..."). A revealing letter, with good content.

204. Gellhorn, Martha. THE FACE OF WAR. Lon: Sphere Books (1967). First thus, an updated and revised version of this book, this being the first edition to contain a section on Vietnam. Only issued in wrappers in England. Very good copy.

205. Gerassi, John. NORTH VIETNAM: A Documentary. Indianapolis: Bobbs (1968). Introduction by Conor Cruise O'Brien. Based on a trip the author took to North Vietnam in 1967. Illustrated with black and white photographs. Fine in fine dust jacket.

206. -. Same title, first English edition (Lon: Allen & Unwin 1968). Very good in dj.

207. -. Same title, first American paperback (Bobbs 1968). Inscribed by the author.

208. Gershen, Martin. DESTROY OR DIE. The True Story of Mylai. New Rochelle, NY: Arlington House (1971). Analysis of My Lai, with an emphasis on the individuals involved, their background, training, etc. Previous owner name stamp front pastedown; very good in dust jacket.

209. Getlein, Frank. PLAYING SOLDIER: A DIATRIBE. NY: HRW (1971). As the title says, a diatribe -- one individual's relentless, caustic criticism of the military. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

210. Giap, General Vo Nguyen. BIG VICTORY, GREAT TASK. NY: Praeger (1968). Analysis and, in effect, personal statement by the North Vietnamese Minister of Defense and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, who was architect of the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu, as well as chief adversary for the U.S. in Vietnam. Very good in dust jacket.

211. Giap, General Vo Nguyen. BANNER OF PEOPLE'S WAR, THE PARTY'S MILITARY LINE. NY: Praeger (1970). Giap's statement on the 25th anniversary of the People's Repulbic of Vietnam. Near fine in dust jacket.

212. Gioglio, Gerald R. DAYS OF DECISION: An Oral History of Conscientious Objectors in the MIlitary During the Vietnam War. Trenton, NJ: The Broken Rifle Press (1989). By all appearances, the only book of its kind. A few lines underlined in ink, as well as some check marks in the table on contents, otherwise fine in wrappers. No evidence of there having been a hardcover.

213. Glasser, Ronald J. 365 DAYS. NY: George Braziller (1971). Author's first book, a classic of the war, based on his experiences at a hospital in Japan to which soldiers injured in Vietnam were brought. The author recounts a number of personal experiences as well as the experiences of his patients. A controversial book, having been banned at a school system in Maine, ostensibly for profanity but more likely for the disturbing antiwar message it conveys. Near fine in dust jacket.

214. Goff, Stanley, Robert Sanders and Clark Smith. BROTHERS. Black Soldiers in the Nam. (Novato): Presidio (1982). One of the small number of accounts of black vets. Fine in dj.

215. Goldman, Peter and Tony Fuller. CHARLIE COMPANY. What Vietnam Did to Us. NY: Morrow (1983). Advance review copy. Expanded version of a special issue of NEWSWEEK Magazine, devoted to following the members of one company from Vietnam, after their tours of duty. Basis for a TV special. This is an advance review copy, fine in fine dust jacket.

216. -. Same title, not a review copy. Fine in dust jacket.

217. Goldstein, Andrew. BECOMING. An American Odyssey. NY: Saturday Review Press (1973). Autobiographical account of one individual drifting through the 1960s, buffeted by the various forces pressing on his generation, Vietnam among others. Near fine in dust jacket.

218. Goodman, Charles, ed. HELL'S BRIGADE. NY: Prestige (1966). Paperback original, consisting of a number of short pieces written by different authors, about combat in Vietnam. Fine copy.

219. -. Another copy, very good.

220. Gough, Kathleen. TEN TIMES MORE BEAUTIFUL. The Rebuilding of Vietnam. Vancouver: New Star (1978). A Canadian anthropologist's personal journal of her visit to post-war Vietnam. Very good in wrappers.

221. Grauwin, Paul. DOCTOR AT DIENBIENPHU. NY: John Day (1955). Harrowing personal account of the French surgeon who treated 6000 casualties during the 57-day siege of Dien Bien Phu. Tape shadows on fly leaves else about fine in near fine, price-clipped dust jacket. Scarce important account.

222. Greene, Bob. HOMECOMING. When the Soldiers Returned From Vietnam. NY: Putnam's (1989). Compilation of firsthand reports on their homecomings, by Vietnam vets. This is an advance review copy, fine in fine dust jacket.

223. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

224. Greenhaw, Wayne. THE MAKING OF A HERO. The Story of Lieut. William Calley Jr. Louisville, KY: Toushstone (1971). Very good in dust jacket.

225. -. Another copy, fine in near fine dust jacket and inscribed by the author.

226. Griffiths, John. THE LAST DAY IN SAIGON. A Day That Made History. London/North Pomfret, VT: Dryad Press Ltd./David & Charles Inc. (1986). Short summary of the war, apparently written for high school students. Fine without dust jacket, presumably as issued.

227. Groom, Winston and Duncan Spencer. CONVERSATIONS WITH THE ENEMY. The Story of Pfc. Robert Garwood. NY: Putnam's (1983). The story of a POW brought to trial by the Marines for being a traitor. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

228. Grummer, Professor Gerhard. ACCUSATION FROM THE JUNGLE. Berlin, GDR: Vietnam Commission of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee of the GDR (n.d.). Personal account by an East German professor of a trip he took through Vietnam for the purpose of documenting the effects of the use of chemical agents by the U.S., particularly Agent Orange. Mimeographed sheets perfectbound in wrappers. Spine cocked; covers slightly soiled. Very good. Scarce.

229. Grummer, Professor Gerhard. HERBICIDES IN VIETNAM. (Berlin): Vietnam Commission of Afro-Asian Solidarity etc. (1969). Glossy pictorial wrappers. An expanded account of his trip to Vietnam and the evidence he saw of the effects of U.S. herbicides. An early account of the damage inflicted on people by the use of these agents, most of which were banned in the following years. Very good.

230. Haing Ngor with Roger Warner. HAING NGOR. A CAMBODIAN ODYSSEY. NY: Macmillan (1988). Advance review copy of this memoir of a survivor of the Pol Pot regime. Fine in jacket.

231. Halpern, Samuel E., M.D. WEST PAC '64. Boston: Branden (1975). Personal account by a Navy doctor who was serving in the Western Pacific in 1964, and who took part in the Battle of the Tonkin Gulf. Fine in near fine, price-clipped dust jacket. Uncommon title from a small publisher.

232. Halstead, Fred. ANTIWAR GIS SPEAK OUT. NY: Merit, 1969. Pamphlet of interviews with outspoken GIs who organized an antiwar group and were persecuted by the military. Near fine.

233. (Halstead, Fred). INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST REVIEW, Vol. 30, No. 4, July-August 1969. Stapled wrappers; contains the article "Antiwar GIs Speak" -- interviews with GIs at Fort Jackson -- by Fred Halstead. Very good.

234. Hamill, Peter. IRRATIONAL RAVINGS. NY: Putnam's (1971). A collection of essays and articles including 20 or so about his time in Vietnam. Very good in dust jacket.

235. Hammel, Eric. KHE SANH. Siege in the Clouds. NY: Crown (1989). Amassive account of this pivotal battle, in the form of an oral history; numerous statements by particpants. Fine in jacket.

236. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

237. Hammer, Ellen J. A DEATH IN NOVEMBER. America in Vietnam, 1963. NY: Dutton (1987). A history of the coup which overthrew Diem in 1963. Uncorrected proof copy. Fine.

238. Hammer, Richard. ONE MORNING IN THE WAR. The Tragedy at Son My. NY: Coward-McCann (1970). Investigative report on the killings at Son My/My Lai, including much first-person testimony. Very good in very good, spine-faded dust jacket.

239. Hammer, Richard. THE COURT-MARTIAL OF LT. CALLEY. NY: CMG (1971). An account of the trial, including much testimony by participants. Very good in dust jacket.

240. Harris, J.D. WAR REPORTER. NY: Manor (1979). First-person account by a journalist who spent time covering Vietnam, among other places. First paperback edition, inscribed by the author. Fine.

241. Harris, Wesley W. 'CROSS THE POND. Dedicated to Our Fellow Appalachians Who Failed to Return to the Mountains. Morgantown, WV: 'Cross the Pond Committee, 1977. Transcribed from an oral history by 40 veterans from "the mountains". Stapled wrappers. Small spot of skinning on title page, otherwise a fine copy. Reproduced from typed sheets; illustrated with photographs from the (anonymous) authors' snapshots, some smuggled into the country past military censors.

242. Hartline, David L. WHAT A SOLDIER GIVES. Summerville, GA: Espy (1986). Third printing. Personal account by a vet who served with a Recon unit in 1968. This is a fine copy in wrappers and inscribed by the author.

243. Harvey, Frank. AIR-WAR - VIETNAM. NY: Bantam (1967). Paperback original, second printing. Anecdotal narrative of the air war. Fine copy.

244. Hasselblad, Marva with Dorothy Brandon. LUCKY-LUCKY. A Nurse's Story of Life at a Hospital in Vietnam. NY: M. Evans (1966). First person account of a nurse who volunteered to a hospital in Vietnam in 1962. Very fine in dust jacket.

245. -. Same title, first paperback edition (Greenwich: Fawcett, 1967). Very fine.

246. Hayden, Tom. A VIETNAMESE VIEW OF HUMAN NATURE. (Santa Monica): (Indochina Peace Campaign) (1973). Pamphlet summarizing Vietnamese history, rhapsodizing about their revolution, and recounting details of a trip Hayden and others took to North Vietnam. Near fine.

247. Hayslip, Le Ly with Jay Wurts. WHEN HEAVEN AND EARTH CHANGED PLACES. A Vietnamese Woman's Journey From War to Peace. NY: Doubleday (1989). Personal account of a Vietnamese woman who came to the U.S. in 1972, became a citizen, and later returned to Vietnam to visit and find out what had happened to her relatives and friends. New, list price:

248. Hefley, James C. BY LIFE OR BY DEATH. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan (1969). An account of the missionaries killed or captured in the Vietnam war. Very good in dust jacket.

249. Henderson, Charles. MARINE SNIPER. 93 Confirmed Kills. NY: Stein & Day (1986). Biographical account of the most successful Marine sniper. Owner inscription on front pastedown, otherwise fine in fine, price-clipped dust jacket

250. Herbert, Anthony B. with James Wooten. SOLDIER. NY: HRW (1973). Autobiographical account of a lieutenant colonel relieved of his command for pressing too hard in his fight against corruption and malfeasance in Vietnam. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

251. -. Same title, later printing. Very good in dust jacket.

252. Herr, Michael. DISPATCHES. NY: Knopf, 1977. One of the classics of war reporting from Vietnam, some say the best book on the war. Herr brought the sensiblities of the 1960s and the conventions of the New Journalism to Vietnam, a perfect match as it turned out: the war reported in his dispatches bore virtually no relation to the images of war fed into the mainstream media by the various arms of officialdom. Herr helped define the "credibility gap" that was part of what made Vietnam so different from earlier wars. Not quite a bestseller, this book was still surprisingly successful commercially and was reprinted many times. The first edition is quite scarce. Fine in fine dust jacket.

253. -. Another copy, fine in dust jacket. With a short autograph letter laid in.

254. -. Another copy, very good in dust jacket.

255. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Wrappers soiled, with writing on covers; good. Scarce.

256. -. Same title, Taiwan piracy. Fine in dust jacket.

257. -. Same title, first English edition (London: Picador, 1978). Only issued in wrappers. This is a very fine copy which has been inscribed by the author.

258. -. Another copy, very good in wrappers.

259. (Herr, Michael). Hellman, John. FABLES OF FACT. The New Journalism as New Fiction. Chicago: U. of Illinois (1981). Literary criticism, focusing on Herr, Hunter Thompson, Tom Wolfe and Norman Mailer. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

260. Herrera, Barbara Hand. MEDICS IN ACTION. Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press (1968). A pictorial biogrpahy of "the medic in Vietnam", illustrated with photographs and drawings by John Steel. Only issued in wrappers. Near fine copy.

261. Herrgesell, Oscar LTC. DEAR MARGARET, TODAY I DIED. Letters From Vietnam. San Antonio, Tex: Naylor (1974). Letters home by this Lieutenant Colonel who died in Vietnam; compiled by his widow. Fine in near fine dust jacket. A touching personal statement.

262. Herrington, Stuart A. SILENCE WAS A WEAPON. The Vietnam War in the Villages. Novato, CA: Presidio (1982). First-person account; Herrington's job as advisor in Vietnamese villages and hamlets, was to try to "rally" guerrillas to the side of the South Vietnamese government. Near fine in dj.

263. (Herzog, John L.) DADDY WON'T BE HOME FOR A LONG TIME. A Collection of Children's Letters to Hanoi Seeking Release of the American Prisoners of War. Woodbridge, CT: Apollo (1971). Very good in wrappers.

264. Higgins, Marguerite. OUR VIETNAM NIGHTMARE. NY: H&R (1965). An analysis of the Vietnam war by a woman who was the first female combat reporter, and who died of a rare tropical disease contracted while she was covering the war. Later printing. Fine in dust jacket.

265. Hollingsworth, Tom. BEHIND THE SCENES IN VIETNAM. (Oklahoma City): Hollingsworth, 1967. First-person account by a nine-year Green Beret; the first half of this 80-page pamphlet deals with his experiences, the second half is an analysis and polemic about the "Communist threat to our way of life." Small skinned mark to front cover otherwise near fine in wrappers and inscribed by the author.

266. Hope, Bob. FIVE WOMEN I LOVE. Garden City: Doubleday, 1966. Personal account by this comedian who toured numerous times in Vietnam to entertain the troops. Fine in dj.

267. Hunt, David. "Organizing for Revolution in Vietnam" in RADICAL AMERICA, Vol. 8, Nos. 1 & 2. (Cambridge, MA): (Radical America) (1974). Double issue of this magazine, the entire contents of which is given over to Hunt's detailed description and analysis of one Mekong Delta province. Much first-person information from Vietnamese villagers. Fine in wrappers.

268. Hutchens, Maj. James M. BEYOND COMBAT. Chicago: Moody (1968). Autobiographical account by a Chaplain in the combat zone in Vietnam, with airborne troops and Green Berets. Near fine in dj.

269. Iredell, F. Raymond. VIET-NAM: THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE. NY: American (1966). Written by an American professor who was with the U.S. Information Service from 1959 to 1963. A very good copy in dj.

270. "Joel." NAKED THROUGH THE GATE. A Spiritual Autobiography. Eugene: Center for Sacred Sciences (1985). Autobiographical account of a vet who served in Vietnam in 1965 and suffered "flashbacks" 15 years later after seeing the play Tracers. Fine in wrappers.

271. Jones, Bruce E. WAR WITHOUT WINDOWS. NY: Vanguard (1987). First-person account by an intelligence officer, a tale of compromise and cover-up of critical intelligence information for political purposes, which the author feels contributed to, or caused, defeat in Vietnam. Fine in dust jacket.

272. Jones, James. VIET JOURNAL. NY: Delacorte (1974). Personal account of the author's trip to Vietnam. First book of nonfiction by the author of From Here To Eternity. Signed by the author. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

273. -. Another copy, unsigned. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

274. Just, Ward. TO WHAT END. Report From Vietnam. Bos: HM, 1968. Author's first book, reportage and personal accounts from his 18 months in Vietnam covering the war for the Washington Post. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

275. -. Same title, Taiwanese piracy of the first edition. Very good in worn dust jacket.

276. Just, Ward. MILITARY MEN. NY: Knopf, 1970. Personal accounts of numerous individuals with a wide range of positions within the U.S. Army. Review copy. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

277. -. Same title, not a review copy. Fine in price-clipped dust jacket.

278. Kane, Rod. VETERAN'S DAY. A Viet Nam Memoir. NY: Orion (1989). Uncorrected proof copy of this well-received personal account by a veteran of the First Air Cavalry Division. Fine.

279. Kastenmeier, Robert W. VIETNAM HEARINGS. Voices From the Grassroots. Waterloo, WIS: Artcraft, 1965. Hearings on the war conducted by Congressman Kastenmeier in Madison, Wisconsin, to promote debate and discussion of policy and the war. Numerous personal statements of the participants. A few notations on covers and marginal notes, otherwise very good in wrappers.

280. Keenan, Barbara Mullen. EVERY EFFORT. NY: St. Martin's (1986). Story of the author's efforts to locate her husband, missing in action in Vietnam. Fine in good dust jacket.

281. Ketwig, John....AND A HARD RAIN FELL. A G.I.'s True Story of the War in Vietnam. NY: Macmillan (1985). A personal account of a draftee sent to Vietnam in 1967. Fine in dust jacket.

282. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

283. Kirban, Salem. GOODBYE MR. PRESIDENT. Huntingdon Valley, PA: Salem Kirban, 1974. Fourth printing of this self-published account of the author's trip to Vietnam and later to Israel, in the wake of the Six-Day War. Illustrated with the author's photographs. In the end, a religious tract, with the author's experiences serving to validate a religious message his book intends. Fine in wraps.

284. Kirk, Donald. TELL IT TO THE DEAD. Memories of a War. Chi: Nelson-Hall (1975). This book is a personal account by a journalist whose coverage of the war for the Chicago Tribune won him two major journalism awards. This is the simultaneous hardcover issue. Fine in fine dust jacket.

285. Klein, Joe. PLAYBACK. NY: Knopf, 1984. The author tracks down and visits five Marines 15 years after they served in Vietnam, in 1967, and tells their different stories. Fine in dust jacket.

286. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

287. Klein, Robert. WOUNDED MEN, BROKEN PROMISES. NY: Macmillan (1981). The shortcomings of the VA, particularly VA hospitals, revealed through the accounts of a number of wounded veterans, from Vietnam as well as other wars. Fine in very good dust jacket.

288. Knoebl, Kuno. VICTOR CHARLIE. The Face of War in Viet-Nam. NY: Praeger (1967). Second printing. Introduction by Bernard Fall. Early portrait of the Viet Cong by a journalist who observed them firsthand. Fine in very good dust jacket.

289. Kovic, Ron. BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. NY: McGraw-Hill (1976). Powerful and bestselling autobiographical account written by a veteran disabled in Vietnam. One of the first of personal accounts of the war to reach a national audience. Basis for the award-winning film. Fine in dj.

290. -. Second printing. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

291. Kowet, Don. A MATTER OF HONOR. NY: Macmillan (1984). Journalist's account of the controversy over the CBS documentary which accused General Westmoreland, Commander in Chief of U.S. forces in Vietnam,of conspiring to suppress information about the numerical strength of the enemy, in the year leading up to the Tet Offensive. Westmoreland filed a huge libel suit as a result. Fine in dj.

292. Kukler, Mike. OPERATION BAROOOM. (Gastonia): (Self-published) (1980). An account of the war by a retired Sergeant Major, which uses "Operation Barooom" as a metaphor for U.S. policy failure in Vietnam. Operation Barooom was a plan to airlift elephants to the highlands to the Montagnards; the plan failed because the elephants needed to be tranquilized for the flight and when tranquilized would emit huge amounts of nauseating gas, released with an explosive "barooom" which rendered the plan unworkable. This is a near fine copy in wrappers, as issued.

293. Kunen, James Simon. THE STRAWBERRY STATEMENT: Notes Of A College Revolutionary. NY: RH (1969). Personal antiwar statement by a nineteen year-old student. Fine in dust jacket.

294. -. NY: Avon (1970). First paperback edition. Kurt Vonnegut "blurb", among others. Fine.

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