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Vietnam War Literature, 2

NOTE: This page is from our catalog archives. The listings are from an older catalog and are on our website for reference purposes only. If you see something you're interested in, please check our inventory via the search box at upper right or our search page.
93. Caldwell, Lucy. SIN ONE WAY - ECONOMY CLASS. Princeton, NJ: Caldwell (1976). Self-published personal account of a woman who went to Vietnam for four years to "stand up for my own beliefs and to support our fighting men" there. Very good in wrappers, and inscribed by the author.

94. Cameron, James. HERE IS YOUR ENEMY. NY: Holt Rinehart Winston (1966). A British correspondent's account of his visit to North Vietnam in 1965. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

95. -. Another copy. Previous owner's inscription, otherwise fine in near fine dust jacket.

96. -. Same book, first English edition, re-titled WITNESS. Lon: Gollancz, 1966. Near fine in dj.

97. Camp, Col. R. D. with Eric Hammel. LIMA-6. A Marine Company Commander in Vietnam June 1967 - January 1968. NY: Putnam (1989). A first-person account of the author's time in Vietnam, where he was a Captain. Fine in dust jacket. List price: 98. Camper, Frank. L.R.R.P.: THE PROFESSIONAL. NY: Dell (1988). Paperback original. A first-person account, ostensibly nonfiction, of a "lurp's" experiences in Vietnam. Very good.

99. Camper, Frank. MERC: THE PROFESSIONAL. NY: Dell (1989). Paperback original, by and about a Vietnam vet who has become a soldier-for-hire. Fine in wrappers.

100. Caputo, Phillip. A RUMOR OF WAR. NY: HRW (1977). Advance reading copy. Author's first book, about his time in Vietnam as a Marine and later as a journalist. One of the important personal accounts of the war. Fine in printed wrappers.

101. -. Same title, first edition. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

102. -. Another copy, fine in fine dust jacket and signed by the author.

103. -. Same title, Quality Paperback Book Club edition. Near fine in wrappers.

104. -. Same title, first paperback edition (NY: Ballantine 1978). Near fine copy.

105. Carhart, Tom. THE OFFERING. NY: Morrow (1987). Uncorrected proof copy. First-person account of a young West Point graduate's experiences in Vietnam. Sticker mark front cover, otherwise fine.

106. -. Same title, review copy of the first edition. Fine in dust jacket.

107. Cash, John. SEVEN FIREFIGHTS IN VIETNAM. NY: Bantam (1985). First mass-market paperback edition; originally published by the government. Fine in wrappers. 108. Cebulash, Mel. MAN IN A GREEN BERET. NY: Scholastic (1969). Paperback original; a compendium of stories about Medal of Honor winners, including several from Vietnam. Pages yellowing; small hole punched in front cover. Very good in wrappers.

109. -. Same title, second printing. Near fine in wrappers.

110. Chanoff, David. PORTRAIT OF THE ENEMY. NY: Random House (1986). First-person accounts by North Vietnamese, Viet Cong, and southern opposition leaders. Remainder mark otherwise fine in dust jacket.

111. Chapelle, Dickey. WHAT'S A WOMAN DOING HERE?. NY: Morrow, 1962. Subtitled "A Combat Reporter's Report on Herself." First person account by a woman combat reporter; only a few pages and one photograph deal with her time in Vietnam at this early date. Very good in dust jacket. The author was later killed in Vietnam, while on patrol with U.S. Marines.

112. Chesley, Capt. Larry. SEVEN YEARS IN HANOI. Salt Lake City, Utah: Bookcraft (1973). POW account by an Air Force Captain shot down over North Vietnam. Fine in very good dust jacket.

113. (Christy, Jim, ed.). THE NEW REFUGEES. American Voices in Canada. (Toronto): Peter Martin (1972). Eighteen essays by "the new refugees." Fine in dust jacket.

114. "Cincinnatus" (Cecil Currey). SELF-DESTRUCTION. The Distintegration and Decay of the United States Army During the Vietnam Era. NY: Norton (1981). Advance review copy. Controversial and important pseudonymous criticism of the Army in Vietnam, written by a career officer. Advance review copy with prepublication material laid in. Fine in dust jacket.

115. -. Same title, not a review copy. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

116. Clark, Johnnie M. GUNS UP! NY: Ballantine (1984). Paperback original, autobiographical account of a Marine machine gunner in Vietnam. Fine in wrappers.

117. Clifford, Clark M. A VIET NAM REAPPRAISAL. Woodmont, CT: Promoting Enduring Peace (n.d.) (c. 1969). 8 1/2" X 11" single sheet printed on both sides. Ephemeral piece demanding that "our men be brought home now." Folded once; very good.

118. Coe, Charles. YOUNG MAN IN VIETNAM. NY: Four Winds (1968). One of the very earliest personal accounts of the war, and consequently one of the scarcest. This copy has tape marks on the covers (result of a former owner having taped a dust jacket protector on), otherwise a fine copy in fine dust jacket -- not an ex-library copy of any sort.

119. Coe, John J. DESPERATE PRAISE. The Australians in Vietnam. Perth, Australia: Artlook (1982). A collection of personal accounts of Australian soldiers, edited by Coe. Only issued in wraps. Fine.

120. Coleman, J.D. PLEIKU. The Dawn of Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam. NY: St. Martin's (1988). Historical account by a writer who was an information officer for the 1st Air Cavalry and participated in the Pleiku campaign. Fine in dust jacket.

121. Colvin, Rod. FIRST HEROES. The POWs Left Behind in Vietnam. NY: Irvington (1987). Historical overview and polemic, along with personal statements by numerous family members of POWs and MIAs. Fine in dust jacket.

122. -. Another copy, fine in dust jacket and inscribed by the author.

123. Cook, Captain John L. THE ADVISOR. Phil: Dorrance (1973). Advance review copy. An important personal account by an author who spent two years in Vietnam. Published only by a "vanity press", this book is exceedingly scarce. Recently reprinted in paperback, nearly twenty years after its original publication, highly unusual for a vanity press book. Near fine copy in dust jacket.

124. Coppola, Eleanor. NOTES. NY: S&S (1979). Personal account, not of the war but of the filming of APOCALYPSE NOW, one of the most ambitious films about the war -- Grand Prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was shown as a work-in-progress. By the film director's wife.

125. Corson, William R. THE BETRAYAL. NY: Norton (1968). Watershed account of corruption in Vietnam, written by a Marine lifer who resigned just before the publication of this book. Very good in dust jacket with a short tear rear panel. A landmark book.

126. -. Same title, signed by the author. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

127. Cortright, David. SOLDIERS IN REVOLT. The American Military Today. Garden City: Anchor, 1975. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

128. Criddle, Joan D. TO DESTROY YOU IS NO LOSS. The Odyssey of a Cambodian Family. NY: Atlantic Monthly (1987). Advance review copy. Account of one family's ordeal under the Khmer Rouge, culminating in their emigration to the U.S. Fine in dust jacket.

129. Crofut, William. TROUBADOUR. A Different Battlefield. NY: Dutton, 1968. Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy. Story of two folksingers who toured the world, mostly to third world countries, including Vietnam. Few numbers on front flyleaf, otherwise very good in dust jacket.

130. Crowell, Joan. FORT DIX STOCKADE. Our Prison Camp Next Door. NY: Links (1974). An account of a riot at the Fort Dix stockade in 1969, and a polemic against the treatment of prisoners there. This is the simultaneous issue in wrappers. Embossed owner name; crease on front. Very good.

131. Daly, James and Lee Bergman. A HERO'S WELCOME. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill (1975). Personal account of a black GI who spent five years as a POW, spoke out against U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and was later brought up on charges of treason. Near fine in dust jacket.

132. Dengler, Dieter. ESCAPE FROM LAOS. Novato, CA: Presidio (1987). First softcover edition of this book first published in 1978. A POW story, by a pilot shot down over Laos. Fine.

133. Denton, Jeremiah, Jr. WHEN HELL WAS IN SESSION. Clover, SC: Commissions Press (1976). Privately published first edition of this POW narrative which later became a classic, and something of a bestseller. This is the true first edition, fine in wrappers and signed by the author.

134. -. Another copy, unsigned. Ownership label, otherwise very good in wrappers.

135. -. Same title, the much more common reprint edition, in a smaller format and with a facsimile signature on the first blank leaf. Fine in wrappers.

136. De Poncins, Gontran. FROM A CHINESE CITY. NY: Doubleday, 1957. The "Chinese city" referred to in the title is Cholon, in Saigon. A portrait of the city during a time of great upheaval in the '50s, illustrated with sketches by the author. Fine in very good dust jacket and signed by the author.

137. -. Another copy, unsigned. Fine in fine dust jacket.

138. Diem, Bui with David Chanoff. IN THE JAWS OF HISTORY. Bos: HM, 1987. Uncorrected proof copy. Historical and personal account by this high-ranking member of various South Vietnamese administrations. Fine in wrappers.

139. Doan, Van Toai and David Chanoff. THE VIETNAMESE GULAG. NY: S&S (1986). Uncorrected proof of this personal account of the Vietnamese revolution after the war, and its "descent into totalitarianism." Fine in wrappers.

140. -. Same title, advance review copy. Fine in fine dust jacket.

141. Donlon, Captain Roger H.C. OUTPOST OF FREEDOM. NY: McGraw-Hill (1965). Autobiographical account of this Green Beret who won the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam. Introduction by Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

142. -. Same title, warmly inscribed by the author. Fine in dust jacket.

143. Donovan, David. ONCE A WARRIOR KING. NY: MH (1985). First-person account of an officer who worked with village chiefs and local Vietnamese militia in the Mekong Delta. Review copy.

144. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

145. Dooley, Thomas A. DELIVER US FROM EVIL.. NY: Farrar Straus & Cudahy (1956). Account of a young Navy doctor order to Indochina after Dien Bien Phu. Very good in dj.

146. Dooley, Thomas A. THE EDGE OF TOMORROW. NY: FSC (1958). Second book in his trilogy, describing his time in Vietnam and Laos. Very good in dj.

147. Dowdy, Homer E. THE BAMBOO CROSS. Christian Witness in the Jungles of Viet Nam. NY: H&R (1964). Account of two converted Montagnard tribesmen and their campaign against the Viet Cong. Owner inscription and bookplate, otherwise fine in fine dust jacket.

148. Downs, Frederick. THE KILLING ZONE. My Life in the Vietnam War. NY: Norton (1978). A first-person account of a young infantry lieutenant who won several medals in Vietnam and was severely injured, losing a limb. One of the first wave of personal accounts to come out after the war's outcome was clear, this is a very good book which was reprinted a number of times. Fine in dust jacket.

149. -. Same title, inscribed by the author. Fine in fine dust jacket.

150. Downs, Frederick, Jr. AFTERMATH. A Soldier's Return From Vietnam, 1968. NY: Norton (1984). Sequel to the above title, picking up the story on his return home. Fine in dust jacket.

151. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Fine in wrappers.

152. Dramesi, Lt. Col. John A. CODE OF HONOR. NY: Norton (1975). POW account by a pilot shot down over North Vietnam. Fine in dust jacket and warmly inscribed by the author.

153. Dudman, Richard. 40 DAYS WITH THE ENEMY. NY: Liveright (1971). Journalist's account of being captured by guerillas in Cambodia. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

154. -. Same title, simultaneous softbound issue. A fine copy.

155. Duncan, Donald. THE NEW LEGIONS. NY: RH (1967). A personal account by a former Green Beret, and a scathing criticism of the U.S. policy in Vietnam. This copy is inscribed by the author. Front endpaper browned at edges, otherwise near fine in dust jacket.

156. -. Same title, first English edition (Lon: Gollancz 1967). Fine in near fine dust jacket.

157. Eby, Omar. A HOUSE IN HUE. Scottdale, PA: Herald (1968). An account of the battle of Hue, from the perspective of seven U.S. missionaries hiding out in the town for the eight days of the fighting. Presumably only issued in wrappers; very scarce. A very good copy.

158. Egendorf, Arthur. HEALING FROM THE WAR. Trauma & Transformation After Vietnam. Bos: HM, 1985. A psychotherapist and former intelligence officer in Vietnam collects vignettes from numerous veterans, to illustrate his thesis that healing from the war (and other traumas) occurs in single, discontinuous moments -- and that therefore any given moment holds the potential for healing transformation to occur. Fine in dust jacket and inscribed by the author.

159. -. Another copy, uninscribed. Fine in fine dust jacket.

160. Ehrhart, W.D. MARKING TIME. NY: Avon (1986). Paperback original, a personal account by one of the notable poets of the war. Apparently the title of this book was changed shortly after publication, and this edition is uncommon. Slight stain to rear cover and last few pages; very good.

161. Eilert, Rick. FOR SELF AND COUNTRY. NY: Morrow, 1983. Story of a young Marine corporal who was severely wounded in Vietnam. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

162. Eisen-Bergman, Arlene. WOMEN OF VIET NAM. (SF): People's (1975). Second edition, revised after "South Viet Nam won its complete independence." Feminist book on the women's movement in Vietnam, documented with many personal anecdotes. Very good in wrappers.

163. -. Same title, first edition. Very good in wrappers.

164. Eitz, Maria. DARK RICE. Waukesha, WI: Country Beautiful (1975). Autobiographical account of a woman who, as a single parent, adopts a Vietnamese boy of mixed racial background. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

165. Elford, George Robert. DEVIL'S GUARD. NY: Delacorte (1971). The account of a former Nazi SS officer who served four years in the French Foreign Legion in Indochina, as part of a Nazi battalion there. Very good in dust jacket. With an extraordinary publisher's disclaimer on the dust jacket, assuring the reader that publication of this account in no way implies that the publisher agrees with or condones the points of view it expresses.

166. Ellsberg, Daniel. PAPERS ON THE WAR. NY: S&S (1972). Historical papers, heavily colored by the author's personal experience as a participant in, observer, and critic of policymaking regarding the U.S. role in Southeast Asia. This is a fine copy of the hardcover edition, in near fine dust jacket.

167. -. Same title, uncorrected proof copy. Tall, fragile "padbound" proofs, signed by the author.

168. -. Same title, first paperback printing (NY: Pocket, 1972). Near fine copy.

169. Emerson, Gloria. WINNERS AND LOSERS. Battles, Retreats, Gains, Losses, and Ruin From a Long War. NY: RH (1976). National Book Award-winning account by a correspondent for The New York Times, who won the George Polk Award for excellence in foreign reporting for her coverage of Vietnam in 1971. With a reporter's eye and ear for detail, Emerson finds the voices that tell what the war really was, at ground level, where people felt it; and she records them honestly and painstakingly. One of the earliest, and still one of the few, books to give voice to the perceptions of Vietnamese participants and victims of the war. Inscribed by the author one month after publication. Near fine in dj.

170. -. Another copy, unsigned. Fine in fine dust jacket. An important book.

171. Estes, Jack. A FIELD OF INNOCENCE. Portland, OR: Breitenbush (1987). Personal account of a young Marine's tour of duty in 1968-69. Fine in dust jacket and inscribed by the author.

172. -. Same title, uninscribed. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

173. Evans, Barbara. CADUCEUS IN SAIGON. London: Hutchinson (1968). Personal account of her year in Vietnam, by a doctor who was married to one of the doctors sent to Vietnam by the British government in 1966, to serve in the Children's Hospital in Saigon. Near fine in dust jacket.

174. (Eszterhas, Joe). "The Prisons of War" in ROLLING STONE No. 157, March 28, 1974. Personal narrative of Rick Springman, a POW who was "radicalized" in Vietnam. Very good copy.

175. Fall, Bernard B. VIET-NAM WITNESS. NY: Frederick A. Praeger (1966). One of the several important books on Southeast Asia which Fall wrote or co-edited during the '60s, as American involvement in Vietnam was escalating. Perhaps more than anyone, Fall was in a unique position to recognize the mistakes as they were being made, and he documented them in a string of books which stand without parallel in that war and rank collectively among the great works ever written on any war. This copy is fine in a fine dust jacket and warmly inscribed by the author to a friend and former diplomat, with Fall's notations of the dedication page, identifying the dedicatees.

176. -. Another copy, first edition. Fine in dust jacket. Uncommon in the first edition.

177. -. Another copy, later printing. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

178. -. Same title, first English edition (Lon: Pall Mall 1966). Very good in dj.

179. Fall, Bernard B. HELL IN A VERY SMALL PLACE. The Siege of Dien Bien Phu. Phil: Lippincott, 1967. His classic history of the battle, combining personal accounts by the participants with more objective historical and analytical commentary. Owner name; near fine in dust jacket. A pivotal book which not only describes the battle itself but illuminates underlying attitudes and assumptions,many of which were particularly relevant to the American involvement in Vietnam.

180. -. Same title, book club edition. Very good in dust jacket.

181. -. Same title, first paperback edition (NY: Vintage, 1968). Very good.

182. Fallaci, Oriana. THE EGOTISTS. Chicago: Henry Regnery (1968). Interviews with a number of prominent individuals, among them Nguyen Cao Ky. Near fine in dust jacket.

183. Fallaci, Oriana. NOTHING, AND SO BE IT. A Personal Search For Meaning in War. Garden City: Doubleday, 1972. Account of time the author spent in Vietnam trying to "understand" the war, a process which included taking part in a bombing run. Remainder spray bottome edge of pages, otherwise fine in near fine dust jacket.

184. -. Same book, first English edition, re-titled Nothing And Amen (London: Michael Joseph, 1972). Fine in fine dust jacket. Uncommon.

185. Fallaci, Oriana. INTERVIEW WITH HISTORY. NY: Liveright (1976). A collection of interviews, including ones with Nguyen Thieu and with General Giap. Near fine in dust jacket.

186. Favreau, Dan. THUMBS UP. (Minneapolis): (Montage) (1981). Paperback original, ostensibly a true account of the author's experiences in Vietnam, and the members of his squad. Fine.

187. Feinberg, Abraham L. RABBI FEINBERG'S HANOI DIARY. Ontario: Longmans (1968). Only published in Canada. Scarce personal account of a rabbi who traveled to Hanoi in 1967 with A. J. Muste and a South African Bishop, in a quest for peace. Fine in very good dust jacket. Scarce.

188. -. Same title, simultaneous paperback edition. Near fine copy, inscribed by the author.

189. Field, Michael. THE PREVAILING WIND. Witness in Indo-China. Lon: Methuen (1965). "Personal testimony of events in Laos, Cambodia, North and South Vietnam and Thailand...since 1954." Former owner's inscription otherwise very good in dust jacket.

190. Flood, Charles Bracelen. THE WAR OF THE INNOCENTS. NY: MH (1970). An account of author's year in Vietnam, with a bomber unit, an infantry battalion, etc. Fine in near fine dust jacket. Inscribed by the author in 1971, and additionally signed on the title page.

191. -. Same title, uninscribed. Fine in dust jacket.

192. Flynn, Robert. A PERSONAL WAR IN VIETNAM. College Station: Texas A&M (1989). Personal account by a correspondent of two months spent with the Marines in a pacification program in remote villes. Originally written in 1971 but not published until now. Fine in wrappers.

193. (Fonda, Jane). "A Vietnam Journal: Rebirth of a Nation" in ROLLING STONE No. 164, July 4, 1974. Journal of a trip Fonda took to North Vietnam and the "liberated zone of Quang Tri Province" with her husband Tom Hayden, and Haskell Wexler, a cinematographer for the purpose of making a film against the war. Very good copy.

194. Ford, Herbert. NO GUNS ON THEIR SHOULDERS. Nashville: Southern Publishing (1968). Personal accounts of a number of Seventh Day Adventist medics in Vietnam. Fine in a very good dust jacket with slight wear at crown. An uncommon book.

195. Franklin, H. Bruce. BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. NY: Harper's (1975). Personal account of an antiwar activist, a former professor who, radicalized in the '60s, was fired for his revolutionary speeches and activities. Fine in near fine dust jacket.

196. Franks, Lucinda. WAITING OUT A WAR. NY: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan (1974). Advance review copy of this account of one deserter who went to Sweden. Near fine in dust jacket.

197. Freedman, Dan. NURSES IN VIETNAM. The Forgotten Veterans. Austin: Texas Monthly (1987). Individual accounts of nine nurses who served in Vietnam, 1965-1971. Fine in dust jacket.

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