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Uncorrected Proofs/Advance Copies, Glossary

NOTE: This page is from our catalog archives. The listings are from an older catalog and are on our website for reference purposes only. If you see something you're interested in, please check our inventory via the search box at upper right or our search page.

Uncorrected Proofs & Other Advance Pre-Publication Copies

Uncorrected Proof - Generally a softcover copy of a book, printed in advance of publication of the first edition. Generally characterized by plain coarse paper covers, with printed text only, often including proposed publication date, price, etc.

Advance Reading Copy - Generally a softcover copy, also printed in advance of publication, but a more elaborate production than an uncorrected proof. Typical features include glossy, often illustrated covers (typically reproducing the art to be used on the dust jacket of the printed book), more finished typesetting and pagination (including typeset page numbers, which only sometimes appear in the uncorrected proofs). Generally has publication date, proposed price of the hardcover edition, size of the first printing and other information on the rear cover (often includes mention of promotional efforts the author or publisher is making: author tour, advertising budget, etc.)

"f & g's" (folded and gathered sheets) - The gatherings, or signatures, of the finished book, but unbound, loosely laid together, sometimes laid into a dust jacket or proof dust jacket. An intermediate state between the proof and the finished, bound book; usually only a handful of such sets are pulled from the production process, for in-house use or distribution.

Galley Sheets - Long sheets, printed on one side only, often folded for convenience (they can be 20" or more long). An early state in the printing process, sometimes pulled for use in proofing when there is no separate bound proof edition.

Wrappers - Softcover. I.e., a single sheet, usually of a heavier stock than the text pages, wrapping around the front, spine and rear of the book.

Pad-bound wrappers - Covers and spine are separate pieces, as in a pad of paper. Front and rear covers are usually card-stock, spine usually a mesh of some sort or just plain glue. A fragile form, as the front and rear covers adhere to the book only with a thin strip of glue at the junction with the spine.

Proof dust jacket - A dust jacket containing some, but not all, of the material to be included on the finished jacket. Usually will include the front cover and spine art and text only, with the flaps and the rear panel blank. An early state of the dust jacket, before the text and design are finalized.

Salesman's Dummy - A hardcover copy bound to look like a finished book, but with only a few sample pages printed, the rest being blank.

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