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Philip K Dick, About This Collection

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About This Collection

The manuscripts and many of the books in this collection come from the library of award-winning science fiction writer Tim Powers, two-time winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, who was, during the last decade of Dick's life, "Phil's good and true friend," in the words of Dick's biographer. Many of these copies are inscribed by Dick to Powers -- a remarkable association in itself. Some of the inscriptions, however, are truly extraordinary and explicitly revealing of their close friendship and deep affinity. It is hard to imagine a better set of association copies of this important American writer coming on the market. The manuscripts are the only Dick novels that are not preserved in an institutional collection, and they comprise, as Powers has said, a "documentary biography of the last third of Dick's writing career," the time when his philosophical speculations took over his writing most thoroughly. The collection of pulp magazine fiction in this catalogue is doubtless the finest, or one of the finest, in private hands. We are very pleased to offer what we believe to be one of the most interesting collections ever assembled of books by one of the most visionary of twentieth century American authors.

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