Native American Periodicals, K-N

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112. Kivioq. (Ottawa): (Baffin Writers Project), 1990. The premier issue of this Inuit Fiction Magazine, named after an important figure in Inuit myth and legend. Bilingual. Fine in stapled wrappers.

113. The London Free Press. (n.p.): (London Free Press) (1970). A city page offprint of Joe McClelland's report "The Indian: Challenge of 70s." Two ink names; acidification; multiple edge tears and a few spine tears. Fragile; fair.

114. The Malahat Review, No. 60. Victoria: University of Victoria, 1981. An issue devoted to the West Coast Renaissance and including Duane Niatum, Mary Tallmountain, and the Indian Folktales of Franz Boas. Fine in wrappers.

115. Many Smokes, Volume 17, No. 2. (Spokane): (Bear Tribe Medicine Society) (1983). An issue of this New Age journal, produced by the Bear Tribe. Near fine in wrappers.

116. Margins, No. 8. (Milwaukee): (Tom Montag) (1973). A review of little magazines and small press books, this issue focusing, in part, on Native American writing. Featuring articles by Joseph Bruchac and Wendy Rose and a piece on Indian small presses by John Jacob. Also includes a letter by Bruchac. Acidic newsprint pages darkening; else fine.

117. -. Another copy. Ink memo across top of front wrapper; else fine.

118. Medicine Way, Volume 1. Kerhonkson: Foundation East, Inc., 1983. First issue of the newsletter of a foundation created to "give support to the Native American Medicine People and their practices." Much information about a traveling sweat lodge tour at various New Age communities on the east coast. Folded and addressed for mailing, light sunning; near fine.

119. Medium Rare. (Minneapolis): (Native American Journalists Association) (1993-1994). Publication pertaining to Native American journalists and journalism. Three issues: Autumn 1993, January 1994, April 1994. Folded for mailing; else fine in stapled wrappers.

120. Monchanin. (Montreal): (Centre Monchanin) (1979). A Canadian journal devoted to native self-determination. Two issues: Volume 12, No. 1, Issue 62 and Volume 12, No. 3, Issue 64. The first is devoted to the Dene; the second to the Iroquois. Fine in stapled wrappers.

121. Muscogee Nation News, Volume 19, No. 9. Okmulgee: (Muscogee Nation), 1990. Tribal newspaper, September, 1990, issue. Folded and labeled for mailing; sunned; near fine.

122. Museum Notes, Volume 6, No. 2. (Schoharie): Iroquois Indian Museum, 1991. This issue, "The Gift-Givers, Part 1," is a compilation of Museum pieces on Iroquois arts and artists. Stapled pages folded for mailing; near fine.

123. Ñ Chekthodak O'Ohana. Sacaton/Gila River Indian Reservation: Sacaton School District No. 18 (1980-1981). Two issues: Books One and Two. Poetry by students of the Middle School. Fine in stapled wrappers.

124. NACLA's Latin American & Empire Report, Volume 6, No. 2. (NY): North American Congress on Latin America, 1972. Includes an article on violence and right wing terror in Guatemala. Near fine in wrappers.

125. NARF Legal Review, Volume 16, No. 2. (Boulder): Native American Rights Fund (1991). A special edition on the freedom of religion, with an article by Vine Deloria. Fine in stapled wrappers.

126. NASC News, Volume 1, No. 3. St. Paul: Native American Solidarity Committee (c. 1976). Radical/activist newsletter. Uneven sunning; near fine.

127. Nations, Volume 1, No. 1. (Seattle): (Nations Communications) (1981). The premier issue of this semi-glossy magazine "for Indian country." A few ink notes on cover; highlighting in the text of one article; near fine in stapled wrappers.

128. The Native American. (Phoenix): (Phoenix Indian School) (1907-1908). A weekly publication "devoted to an Indian education," and printed by the students at the Phoneix Indian School. Includes articles on current happenings, notes on pupils, notes from other Indian schools around the country, etc. Eighteen issues, of the 20 published during this time span: Volume 8, Nos. 40-45, excluding No. 43; Volume 9, Nos. 1-13, excluding No. 5. Two issues chewed, one with advertising affected; otherwise the lot is very good in sunned and stapled wrappers, with an extraneous vertical fold to each issue. Scarce and fragile.

129. Volume 17. (1916). Two issues, Nos. 3 and 18. In the years since the above lot, the publication doubled its content and diminished its publishing schedule to fortnightly. Near fine in stapled wrappers.

130. Native American Defense Committee Newsletter, Volume 2, No. 2. (San Francisco): Native American Defense Committee, 1979. Radical publication with much news on A.I.M. Folded and stapled for mailing; else fine.

131. Native American Solidarity Committee. (St. Paul-San Francisco): (NASC) (1978-1979). Three issues: Volume 3, Nos. 1, 2; Volume 4, No. 1. Much information on current issues -- the Black Hills settlement, the Long Walk, fishing rights, Amazon Indians, etc.Very mild sunning; else fine.

132. The Native California Indian Newsletter. (Sacramento): (Governor's Office of Planning and Research) (1979-1981). Newsletter reporting on governmental actions and initiatives related to California Indians. Five issues: Volume 1, No. 3; Volume 2, Nos. 9, 11, 12; Volume 3, No. 3. Folded in thirds for mailing; near fine.

133. Native Corn Report, No. 1. Ithaca: Cornell University, 1991. First issue of this report by the Cornell American Indian Agriculture Program. Fine in stapled wrappers.

134. The Native Nevadan, Volume 16, No. 9. Reno: (Inter-Tribal Council), 1979. Monthly newspaper for Nevada Indians, produced by a multi-tribe group. Fine.

135. Native Peoples' News, No. 9. (London): (Little A), 1983. Radical British newspaper concerned with native issues around the world, including North, South and Central American Indian issues. Near fine.

136. Native Self-Suffiency. (Forestville): (The Youth Project/Tribal Sovereignty Program/Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development) (1980-1987). Newsletter geared toward providing "practical ways to increase community and tribal self-reliance." 21 issues (3 double issues, so 18 items), an incomplete run, as follows: Volume 3, No. 2; Volume 4, Nos. 3/4, 5; Volume 5, Nos. 1, 2; Volume 6, Nos. 2, 3, 4; Volume 7, Nos. 1, 2, 3/4; Volume 8, Nos. 1-4; Volume 9, Nos. 1/2, 3, 4. Together with a promotional flyer from 1983. Light staining to a couple issues, some darkening; overall about near fine.

137. Volumes 4-9. (1981-1987). Six issues (two being double issues, so 4 items), as follows: Volume 4, No. 3/4; Volume 5, No. 1; Volume 6, No. 3; Volume 9, No. 1/2. Some edge-sunning and minor staining; very good to near fine.

138. Volume 5, No. 1. (1982). Edge-sunned; very good.

139. Volume 6, No. 3. (1983). Edge-sunned; else near fine.

140. The Native Voice. (Vancouver): (Native Voice Publishing Co.) (1946-1966). A nearly complete run of the first twenty years of The Native Voice, the official organ of the Native Brotherhood of British Columbia. Of 240 total issues in Volumes 1-20, only seven issues are missing: Vol. 1, No. 8; Vol. 3, No. 6; Vol. 15, Nos. 3 & 7; and Vol. 20, Nos. 10-12. 233 issues present (of which two are double issues, so count 231 actual newspapers); also note that Nos. 1-4 in Volume 9 are mislabeled as Volume 15. The paper is darkening with acidification; a couple issues have tears at the fold; overall, the lot is near fine.

141. (Navajo). Greenpeace Chronicles, Issue No. 20. (Vancouver): (Greenpeace Foundation), 1979. The cover story in this issue is "Navajo Nation: Land of Broken Promises." Near fine.

142. Navajo Times. Window Rock: Navajo Times Publishing (1982). "America's Largest Indian Weekly." Six issues; Volume 24, Nos. 43-38. Each issue is folded vertically in addition to the usual newspaper fold; the final two issues are sunned, with the last one missing several columns from the Help ads. On the whole, very good. Together with Volume 1, No. 1 of the MacDonald Paul Times a 4-page political issue paid for by the election committee. Also together with the Navajo Relocation Review, a 1982 Special Report by the Navajo-Hopi Task Force. For all:

143. Special Report. 1982. Navajo Relocation Review. Split along the side fold, not affecting any text. Good.

144. NCAI Sentinel, Volume 47, No. 10. Washington, D.C.: National Congress of American Indians, 1983. Folded for mailing; near fine in stapled wrappers.

145. Negehm- ke , Volume 1, No. 2. (Arcata): (Yurok Research and Information Center), 1978-79. Second issue of a newsletter for northern California Indians, primarily Yuork and Hupa. Mild acidification; near fine.

146. The New York Times School Weekly. (NY): (New York Times), February 1, 1971. A monthly supplement; this issue entitled "The First Americans" and authored by Richard Hammer. Minor edge-staining and acidification; about near fine.

147. Newsdrum. (San Francisco): (American Indian Center) (1978, 1983). Two issues: January, 1978 and August/September, 1983. Fine.

148. News from Indian Country. (Hayward, WI): (Indian Country Communications) (1990-1996). "The Nation's Native Newspaper." 37 issues, as follows: Volume 4, Nos. 13, 19; Volume 5, Nos. 15, 18, 19, 20, 22; Volume 6, Nos. 6, 13, 22, 24; Volume 7, Nos. 2, 13, 19, 20; Volume 8, Nos. 1, 5, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 23, 24; Volume 9, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 17, 20, 24; and Volume 10, Nos. 2, 5, 6, 7, 14. Some very slight edge-sunning; else fine.

149. Volume 9, Nos. 1, 2, 24. (1995). Fine.

150. Nishnawbe News, Volume 9, No. 1. Marquette: Northern Michigan University, 1982. Published by American Indian students at Northern Michigan University, Sunned at the edges and folds; small ink notation; near fine.

151. Northwest Indian News. Seattle: (University Unitarian Church) (1957-1958). Three issues: No. 1, No. 4, No. 7. A four-page mimeographed, stapled newsletter, focusing on Indian issues in the Pacific Northwest. 8½"x14" sheets, folded for mailing; near fine. Uncommon.

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