Native American Periodicals, B-C

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45. Before Columbus Review. (Seattle): (Before Columbus Foundation) (1989-1992). "A Quarterly Review of Multicultural Literature." Four issues: Volume 1, Nos. 2/3 (a double issue); Volume 2, No. 1; Volume 3, No. 1. Fine in stapled wrappers. Early issues of an important newsletter, by the foundation that issues the American Book Awards, the most prestigious awards given in multicultural literature in the U.S. Contributors include Gerald Vizenor, Leslie Silko, Simon Ortiz, a.o.

46. Big Mountain News, Fall 1985. (Berkeley): (Big Mountain Support Group), 1985. A newsletter published in response to the Hopi-Navajo land dispute in the Joint Use Area, with the intention of averting any relocation proposed under government initiatives attempting to settle the dispute. Fine.

47. Black Hills Paha Sapa Report. (Rapid City): (Black Hills Alliance) (1979-1982). Tabloid format newsletter published by a Native American activist group. Three issues, as follows: Volume 1, No. 2; Volume 2. No. 1; Volume 3, No. 1. The first issue folded in half; the other two folded in thirds for mailing, with staple holes. Mild acidification; else fine. Together with a brochure promoting the 1980 Black Hills International Survival Gathering.

48. Volume 1, No. 2 and Volume 3, No. 1. (1979, 1982). Mild acidification; near fine.

49. Volume 3, No. 1. 1982. Special Water Issue. Unevenly folded; hand-addressed; about near fine.

The Blue Cloud Quarterly. (Marvin): (Blue Cloud Abbey) (various dates). Published by the Benedictine Missionaries of Blue Cloud Abbey in Marvin, South Dakota. One of the pre-eminent outlets for Native American literary writing from the 1960s through 1988.

50. Volume 15, No. 2. (Undated)[c.1969]. Two essays: "Rights" by Ed McGaa and "Religion" by Edward M. Red Owl; and one poem, "Race" by Grady Renville. Fine in stapled wrappers. An early issue of this publication.

51. Volume 18, No. 4. (1972). This issue contains one story, "A Story from Charlie [Charlie Cree] as Told to Sister Susan [Sister Susan Scheet]." Labeled for mailing, a couple small spots; else fine in stapled wrappers.

52. Volume 20, No. 4. (1974). Predominantly poetry. Contributors include Bernice Ames, John Ridland and Art Cuelho. Labeled (twice) for mailing, spine splitting at ends; near fine in stapled wrappers.

53. Volume 21, No. 3. (1975). Work by L.D. Clark and Raymond Abbott, among others. Labeled for mailing; fine in stapled wrappers.

54. Volume 23, No. 1. (1977). Work by Gerald Haslam, Jon Hassler, Bonita Bowman, among others. Labeled for mailing; fine in stapled wrappers.

55. Volume 26, No. 4. (Undated)[c. 1980]. Includes two previously published works: "Lesson of the Feather" by Cal Thunder Hawk and "A Fine Green Bubble" by Rodney Nelson. Labeled for mailing; fine in stapled wrappers.

56. Volume 28, No. 4. (1982). A poetry issue. Work by Sylvester J. Brito, among others. Labeled for mailing; fine in stapled wrappers.

57. British Columbia and Yukon Newsletter, Volume 6, No. 5. Vancouver: (Regional Office of the Indian Affairs Branch), 1967. Northwest Canadian native newsletter. A Single sheet, 20"x28", folded to make 4 pages. Dampstained; good only.

58. Bulletin. (Ottawa): (Canadian Association in Support of the Native Peoples) (1976). Bulletin published by a group that grew out of the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada, a support group for native rights and is now the Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with the Native Peoples. Three issues: Volume 17, Nos. 1, 2, 3. Issues on land settlements, housing, and aboriginal rights, respectively. Fine in stapled wrappers. Membership application included.

59. California Indian Journal, Volume 1, No. 4. (Fresno): (CIJ/FETC), 1981. Fresno area California Indian newsletter. Slight acidification; else fine.

60. California Indian Legal Services, Volume 10, No. 1. (Oakland): California Inian Legal Services, 1980. Newsletter published by an Oakland, California legal services association for Native Americans. Edge-sunned; near fine.

61. Canada Today/D'Aujourd'hui, Volume 7, No. 9. (Washington, D.C.): (Canadian Embassy, 1976. Canadian government publication, largely focused on native issues -- James Bay, Mackenzie River, etc. Color illustration by Norval Morrisseau. Fine in stapled wrappers.

62. Candian Fiction Magazine, No. 60. (Toronto): Canadian Fiction Magazine (c. 1984). The Canadian Native Fiction issue, edited by Thomas King. With work by King, Beth Brant and Peter Blue Cloud, among others. 6"x9" perfectbound paperback format. Near fine in wrappers.

63. The Carlisle Arrow, Volume 9, No. 4. Carlisle, PA: United States Indian School, 1912. One issue of the weekly newspaper edited and printed by students at the school, September 27, 1912. One sheet folded to make four pages, folded again horizontally and beginning to split there; thus very good. One article, reprinted from the Columbus Advocate, extols the accomplishments of Jim Thorpe in the 1912 Olympics, which he dominated, winning both the decathlon and the pentathlon -- 15 events in all -- by substantial margins. Thorpe, a Carlisle graduate, is generally considered the best American athlete of the first half of the 20th century.

64. Cherokee Examiner, No. 5. (South Pasadena): (Cherokee Examiner) (c. 1970). A counterculture paper, part of the Underground Press Syndicate of the late 1960s-early 1970s, focusing on political issues relevant to Native Americans and apparently written primarily by Native Americans. Includes poetry, editorials, letters and articles and provides a view of the degree of political polarization of the time, with dark hints of repression, infiltration, etc., which sound paranoid in retrospect but were in fact borne out in various ways in subsequent years. Minor surface soiling; near fine in stapled wrappers.

65. The Christian Century, Volume 88, No. 3. (Chicago): (Christian Century Foundation) (1971). An "ecumenical weekly," formerly the New Christian. The cover story, by Harold Fey, is "America's Most Oppressed Minority," and other articles concern Native American rights. There is an editorial comparing the My Lai massacre in Vietnam with the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890 as well as an article on young American draft evaders moving to Canada. Near fine in stapled wrappers.

66. The Circle. (Minneapolis): (Minneapolis American Indian Center) (1983, 1990, 1996). "News from an American Indian perspective." Five issues, as follows: Volume 4, No. 5; Volume 11, Nos. 1, 2; Volume 17, Nos. 9, 12. Ink address on the first issue; near fine. Volume 4, No. 5 contains a new Simon Ortiz poem. Volume 17, No. 9 contains Volume 1, No. 1 of New Voices: News from a Native Youth Perspective.

67. Committee for Justice and Liberty Newsletter. Toronto: CJL Foundation (1976-1977). Three issues: December 1976, Spring 1977, and a Special Issue focused on the Mackenzie Valley pipeline issue, from April, 1977. Fine. Together with the Berger Report in Brief, a four-page pamphlet published by the Focus on the North Committee and summarizing Volume 1 of Justice Thomas Berger's Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry. Fine.

68. Special Issue, April 1977. The Mackenzie Valley pipeline issue. Fine.

69. Crosswinds, Volume 3, No. 8. (Santa Fe): Crosswinds, 1991. A Native American Issue, including Artists of the Sun, a buyer's guide to the Indian market and a special section, Returning the Gift, on Native American artists and containing an essay by Joseph Bruchac about the plans for the first major gathering of literary authors, a conference also called Returning the Gift and a milestone in the history and development of contemporary Native American literature. Near fine.

70. Cultural Survival Newsletter/Quarterly. (Cambridge): (Cultural Survival, Inc.) (1980-1986). Seven issues of the publication from this organization dedicated to the survival of indigenous tribes and indigenous tribal cultures. Two issues of the earlier newsletter: Volume 4, No. 4; Volume 5, No. 1. Folded for mailing; near fine in stapled wrappers. Five issues of the Quarterly: Volume 8, Nos. 1, 4; Volume 9, Nos. 2, 4; Volume 10, No. 4. One issue rolled, very good; the other issues fine.

71. Volume 5, No. 1 and Volume 10, No. 4. 1981, 1986. The first issue a newsletter; the second issue the quarterly magazine. Near fine in stapled wrappers.

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