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Anthologies (arranged chronologically).

1. Voices for the Earth. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books (1979). The uncorrected proof copy of this compilation of articles from the Sierra Club Bulletin, from 1893 forward. John Muir, David Brower, Galen Rowell, Eliot Porter, Ansel Adams, Edward Abbey (from Slickrock), N. Scott Momaday, Wallace Stegner, and many others. Corner crease to front cover; near fine in wrappers. An important anthology, and uncommon in proof form.

2. The 1983 Western Wilderness Calendar. (Salt Lake City): (Dream Garden) (1982). The second of the Wilderness calendars, with work by a number of prominent photographers, and text by Edward Abbey, Tom McGuane, Leslie Marmon Silko, Ann Zwinger, Lawrence Clark Powell, Wallace Stegner, Barry Lopez, Frank Waters, William Eastlake, John Nichols, and others. This copy has been signed by Eastlake and Powell, and photographers John Telford, Tom Till, Fred Hirschmann and Chris Wangsgard -- several of the finest and most highly respected photographers of the natural world working today. Fine.

3. River Reflections. Charlotte: East Woods Press (1984). Edited by Verne Huser; a compilation divided by approximate chronology: "pioneers" (Sigurd Olson, Washington Irving, A.B. Guthrie, Jr., and others); "adventurers, seekers and observers" (William Faulkner, Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Edward Hoagland, John Graves, Wallace Stegner, and others); and "modern times" writers such as John McPhee, Norman Maclean and Edward Abbey, among many others. Near fine in a very good dust jacket.

4. Seasons of the Hunter. NY: Knopf, 1985. Previously unpublished work by Richard Ford, E. Annie Proulx, Thomas McGuane, Geoffrey Norman, Robert Elman, and others. Edited by Elman and David Seybold. Small sticker shadow front pastedown; else fine in a near fine dust jacket. An important collection, in that the editors solicited work especially for this volume, rather than drawing on previously published material. Ford and Proulx have both won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction since this book was published.

5. -. Another copy. Fine in a near fine, price-clipped dust jacket.

6. -. Same title, uncorrected proof. Near fine in wraps with sample drawings stapled inside the front cover.

7. At the Field's End. Seattle: Madrona (1987). Nicholas O'Connell interviews 20 Pacific Northwest writers about "the practice of their craft and the influence the region has had on their work." This is the scarce hardcover issue; there was also a simultaneous issue in wrappers, which was produced in larger numbers, and received wider distribution, than did the hardcover. Signed by O'Connell and by the subjects Ivan Doig, Tess Gallagher, Gary Snyder, James Welch, Charles Johnson, Tom Robbins, Ursula K. LeGuin, Carolyn Kizer and David Wagoner. Other interviewees include Norman Maclean, Barry Lopez, Raymond Carver, William Stafford, Marilynne Robinson, and others. Fine in fine dust jacket.

8. -. Another copy. Signed by Ivan Doig, Tess Gallagher, Gary Snyder, James Welch, Charles Johnson, Tom Robbins, and Ursula K. LeGuin. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

9. -. Another copy. Signed by Gary Snyder and Barry Lopez. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

10. On Nature. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1987. First published as a special issue of Antaeus, the literary magazine. This is the hardcover issue -- designated as a "second printing," apparently since the first printing was only in softcover, comprising the issue of the magazine. 24 essays on nature, landscape and natural history by writers such as Barry Lopez, John Fowles, Leslie Marmon Silko, Jim Harrison, Ann Zwinger, Joyce Carol Oates, Edward Hoagland, Robert Finch, Gretel Ehrlich, Annie Dillard, John Hay, Italo Calvino, Edward O. Wilson and others. Edited by Daniel Halpern. Includes annotated lists for further reading by the panel of advisory editors: Dillard, Ehrlich, Lopez, Finch, Hoagland and Hay. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

11. Seasons of the Angler. NY: Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1988). A fishing anthology, edited by David Seybold. Collects work by David Quammen, Raymond Carver, Richard Ford, Jim Harrison, Bill Barich, Thomas McGuane, William Hjortsberg, Russell Chatham, Donald Hall, Thomas Williams, Dan Gerber and others. Remainder stripe; else fine in a near fine dust jacket.

12. Words from the Land. Encounters With Natural History Writing. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith (1988). An anthology of previously published pieces by Barry Lopez, Peter Matthiessen, Edward Abbey, Annie Dillard, John McPhee, Edward Hoagland, Wendell Berry, Gretel Ehrlich, Ann Zwinger, John Hay, David Quammen, Sue Hubbell, Gary Nabhan and others. Fine in a near fine dust jacket.

13. Paths Less Travelled. NY: Atheneum, 1988. An anthology of nature tourism. Approximately thirty authors were solicited to take the adventure of their choice with Sobek Expeditions; this book collects the stories of twelve who went, including: Barry Lopez, Tom Robbins, James Salter, Tim Cahill, Bobbie Ann Mason, Edward Hoagland, Jay McInerny and David Roberts. Also included, in the introduction, are the reasons many writers gave for declining (Ann Beattie had drycleaning): John Irving's response is quoted at length. Quarto, heavily illustrated with photographs. Fine in a near fine, price-clipped dust jacket with a small area of purple on the mostly black back panel.

14. Living in Words. Portland: Breitenbush Books (1988). A collection of interviews from The Bloomsbury Review, a literary journal that, despite its name, focuses more of the writing of the American West than on Virginia Woolf and her peers. As such, it is one of the literary magazines most concerned with the literature of landscape and place among all those being published today. The interviewees include Wendell Berry, John Nichols, Farley Mowat, Joseph Campbell, Louise Erdrich, Michael Dorris and Barry Moser, among others. Edited by Gregory McNamee. This is the hardcover issue. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

15. Headed Upstream. Interviews with Iconoclasts. Tucson: Harbinger House (1989). A collection of fifteen interviews conducted by Jack Loeffler with writers and filmmakers such as Edward Abbey, John Nichols, Dave Foreman, Gary Snyder, Stewart Udall, Douglas Peacock, and Philip Whalen. The interviews were mostly conducted for a public radio series that aired beginning in 1986. Loeffler was a close friend of Abbey, whom he called "as close a friend as I'll have in this lifetime." A few small spots on the contents page; else fine in wrappers.

16. Sisters of the Earth. NY: Vintage Books (1991). The uncorrected proof copy of this collection of poetry and prose by women of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, about nature, which attempts to redress the male-centered orientation of not only western literature but also, especially, the literature of "man and nature," and offer a perspective toward the natural world that embraces values traditionally thought of as "feminine" -- "caring rather than controlling; ... seek[ing] harmony rather than mastery; ... characterized by humility rather than arrogance, by appreciation rather than acquisitiveness." Including Annie Dillard, Gretel Ehrlich, Rachel Carson, Ann Zwinger, Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Hogan, Leslie Silko, Joy Harjo, Alice Walker, Willa Cather, Emily Dickinson, and many, many others. Near fine in wrappers.

17. The Last Best Place. A Montana Anthology. (n.p.): Falcon Press (1992). Reissue, the first Falcon Press hardcover edition. Originally published in 1988 by the Montana Historical Society. The definitive anthology of Montana in literature, edited by William Kittredge and Annick Smith and covering literary territory ranging from Native American tales to contemporary fiction. Including work by James Welch, D'Arcy McNickle, Wallace Stegner, Norman Maclean, Thomas McGuane, James Crumley, Rick DeMarinis, Richard Brautigan, Ivan Doig, David Long, David Quammen, Richard Ford, and many others. Signed by William Kittredge. Slightly concave spine from the weight of the book; else fine in a fine dust jacket.

18. Nature's New Voices. Golden: Fulcrum (1992). Edited by John A. Murray, this collection represents itself as the first "to feature exclusively the work of the younger generation of nature writers." The book is divided into two sections: east of the Continental Divide (Jan DeBlieu, David Rains Wallace, Rick Bass, Dan O'Brien, Gretel Ehrlich and others); and west (David Peterson, Richard Nelson, Terry Tempest Williams, among others). Annie Dillard, Edward Hoagland, Barry Lopez, John McPhee, Wendell Berry and William Kittredge are given acknowledgements for pointing the editor toward younger writers whose work he might not have known of. Fine in wrappers.

19. The Great Bear. Anchorage/Seattle: Alaska Northwest Books (1992). Forty years of writing on the grizzly bear, edited by John Murray. John McPhee, Rick Bass, Edward Abbey, Aldo Leopold, Richard Nelson, William Kittredge, Doug Peacock, Thomas McNamee and others. Includes a useful bibliography for further reading. Apparently only issued in wrappers; near fine.

20. Out Among the Wolves. Anchorage/Seattle: Alaska Northwest Books (1993). The advance reading copy, stamped "uncorrected proof," of this collection of nearly fifty years of writings on the wolf. Included are Barry Lopez, Rick Bass, Aldo Leopold, Farley Mowat, Thomas McNamee, Dan O'Brien, and David Rains Wallace, among others. Edited by John Murray and, like the above title, includes a bibliography for further reading. "Press Copy" markings on cover and half-title; fine in wrappers that overhang the text block.

21. The Nature of Nature. NY: Harcourt Brace (1994). Original essays, with a preface by Al Gore. Writers include Bill McKibben, Robert Finch, Chet Raymo, Diane Ackerman, Sue Hubbell, Peter Matthiessen, David Rains Wallace, Edward Hoagland, and many others. Fine in a near fine, price-clipped dust jacket.

22. -. Same title, the uncorrected proof copy. Slight wrinkle to the front cover, but still near fine in wrappers. An uncommon proof.

23. Talking Up a Storm. Voices of the New West. Lincoln: U. of Nebraska Press (1994). The advance reading copy of this collection of fifteen interviews conducted by Gregory Morris, a volume that attempts to lay out the parameters for the writing of the "new west," as defined by the political, social and environmental concerns of the generation of writers who grew up since the basic outlines of Western American literature were laid out by such writers as Wallace Stegner, A. B. Guthrie, and Larry McMurtry. Signed by interviewees William Kittredge, Gretel Ehrlich, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, and John Keeble. Other writers interviewed include Richard Ford, James Crumley, Ivan Doig, Ron Hansen, David Long, Thomas McGuane and Amy Tan. Fine in wrappers.

24. -. Same title, the trade edition. Also signed by Kittredge, Ehrlich, Cook-Lyn and Keeble. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

25. American Nature Writing 1994. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books (1994). Selected by John Murray. Writing by Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, William Kittredge, Annie Dillard, Rick Bass, Edward Abbey, Dan O'Brien, David Rains Wallace, Annick Smith, Bob Shacochis, Linda Hogan, Jan DeBlieu, and many others. Includes previously unpublished and/or uncollected pieces by a number of the writers. Fine in wrappers.

26. Northern Lights. NY: Vintage (1994). The uncorrected proof copy. A selection of writings from Northern Lights Magazine, with many of these pieces appearing here in book form for the first time. With an introduction by Louise Erdrich. This copy is signed by contributors Gretel Ehrlich, Terry Tempest Williams, William Kittredge and John Daniel. With additional contributions by Marilynne Robinson, Edward Abbey, Jim Harrison, Simon Ortiz, Linda Hogan, David Quammen, Doug Peacock, Richard Nelson and many others. Fine in wrappers.

27. -. Another copy, unsigned. Fine in wrappers.

28. Heart of the Land. NY: Pantheon (1995). A review copy of this anthology of essays about some of the world's "last great places," published under the auspices of The Nature Conservancy. With a foreword by Barry Lopez, and original essays signed by Barbara Kingsolver, Peter Matthiessen, Paul Theroux, Dorothy Allison, Jim Harrison, Rick Bass and Carl Hiaasen. Other contributors include Terry Tempest Williams, David James Duncan, Thomas McGuane, Linda Hogan, Louise Erdrich, William Kittredge, James Welch, Pam Houston, Philip Caputo, and William Least Heat-Moon. Fine in a fine dust jacket.

29. -. Another copy. Signed by Peter Matthiessen. Small indentation to front board; else fine in a near fine dust jacket.

30. Three on Community. (Boise): Limberlost Press, 1996. Collects Gary Snyder's "Coming Into the Watershed," Wendell Berry's "Conserving Communities" and Carole Koda's "Dancing in the Borderland." With a foreword by Tim Lyon. There was a signed and numbered edition of 100 copies; the total edition was 800 copies. This copy, unnumbered, is signed by Snyder and Berry. Fine in stringbound, handmade wrappers. A small, attractive volume whose underlying theme is that of "re-emplacing ourselves."

31. Testimony. Writers of the West Speak on Behalf of Utah Wilderness. (Minneapolis): (Milkweed) (1996). A collection of more than 20 essays, most of them original and written for this volume, which was prepared for members of the United States Congress on the eve of a vote to be held on the fate of 22 million acres of wilderness in Utah. Compiled and signed by Terry Tempest Williams and Stephen Trimble. With work by Rick Bass, William Kittredge, Barry Lopez, John McPhee, N. Scott Momaday, Ann Zwinger and Terry Tempest Williams, among others. Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator and current Presidential candidate provides a blurb: "If writing itself can be an act of public service, then this collection is it." Only issued in wrappers. Fine.

32. The Nature Reader. (Hopewell): Ecco Press (1997). A review copy of this revised and expanded edition of On Nature, published in 1987 (and originally an issue of Antaeus). In addition to the contributors in the earlier edition (Barry Lopez, John Fowles, Leslie Marmon Silko, Jim Harrison, Ann Zwinger, Joyce Carol Oates, Edward Hoagland, Robert Finch, Gretel Ehrlich, Annie Dillard, John Hay, Italo Calvino, and others), this edition offers Edward Abbey, John Berger, Paul Bowles, Bruce Chatwin, Jim Crace, Seamus Heaney, David Malouf, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Cormac McCarthy, John McPhee, Gary Snyder, Elizabeth Bishop, Derek Walcott, and many others. The panel of advisory editors for this edition includes Dillard, Harrison, Hay, Hoagland, Lopez, Ehrlich, Quammen, and Terry Tempest Williams; each provides an annotated reading list. Light corner bumping; else fine in a near fine dust jacket.

33. The Portable Western Reader. (NY): Penguin Books (1997). A collection edited and signed by William Kittredge. Also signed by Sherman Alexie, Barry Lopez and Linda Hogan. Additional contributors include James Welch, Louise Erdrich, Joy Harjo, Wallace Stegner, Ivan Doig, Ken Kesey, Edward Abbey, Richard Ford, Raymond Carver, Gary Snyder, Gretel Ehrlich, Marilynne Robinson, Terry Tempest Williams, Allen Ginsberg and many others. Fine in wrappers.

34. The River Reader. (NY): Lyons Press (1998). The advance reading copy of this collection of essays, in a series published in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Edited by John Murray. Writers included range from Thoreau, Hemingway and John Wesley Powell to Rick Bass, Barry Lopez and Annie Dillard. Fine in wrappers, with publisher's promotional sheet laid in.

35. The Best Spiritual Writing 1998. (NY): HarperSanFrancisco (1998). The uncorrected proof copy, collecting authors such as Rick Moody, Andre Dubus, Rick Bass, Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, Gretel Ehrlich, Joseph Bruchac, Anne Lamott, Madeleine L'Engle, Cynthia Ozick, Reynolds Price, and many others. Edited by Philip Zaleski and introduced by Patricia Hampl. Without exception, the "nature writers" in this collection invoke some element of the "natural" in their essays on the spiritual. One corner crease; else fine in wrappers, with photocopied contents page laid in.

End Anthologies.

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