Archive of The LSD Conference, June 13-18, 1966
Berkeley/San Francisco, University of California Extension, 1966. A small grouping of items related to the LSD Conference, including the advance program and application for enrollment, which is stamped with a change of location, to San Francisco, from, apparently, Berkeley; the day-by-day agenda of the six-day event; a proposed 6-page declaration of basic agreements circulated to participants for their input in order to help guide what, these days, would be called the "media spin"; a 2-page abstract of Sterling Bunnell's paper on the "Pharmacology of Hallucinogenic Drugs"; an 8-page paper (plus tables and graphs) on "LSD and the Dying Patient" by Eric Kast, who was not available to present his paper in person (a discussion on it was led by Sidney Cohen); a mimeographed list of nine films relating to psychedelic drugs which were shown (twice) on the fifth evening; an 8-page collection of 17 short bios of participants, including Timothy Leary, Abram Hoffer and Richard Blum; a preliminary 6-day agenda, which initially combined the program with brief biographical notes; and a 4-page bibliography of "Books on LSD-Type Drugs." Documentation of one of the early efforts to bring LSD use into mainstream acceptance by giving a coherent scientific veneer to the discussions and arguments over its uses. Again, this was in part a response to the fact that states were beginning to put in place obstacles to acquiring and using LSD, turning it into an outlaw drug. The lot is fine. [#032819] SOLD

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