Red Planet Earth, Vol. 1, Nos. 1, 2 and 6
Dayton/Celina, [Self-Published], 1974. A magazine of American Indian Science Fiction. Strete, a Native American writer of Cherokee descent, serves as editor, illustrator and major contributor. Included here are the first two issues and the final issue (undated), #6. The first issue contains four pieces by Strete (out of 8, total), and is 27 xeroxed pages, printed on rectos only and side stapled; the second issue is 30 pages, but double-sided, and includes three pieces by Strete, out of five. Issue #6 has been photo-reduced to a smaller format; Craig serves as editor and includes a goodbye notice, in part: "Illness. This is the last issue. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE EARNED IT. Hatred for the bad guys." Again side-stapled. Issue #2 has a penciled word across the front cover; the lot is easily near fine. Very early, self-published works by Strete, preceding his first book. His works show the same melding of Native American culture and myth with straightforward science fiction and fantasy that Jorge Luis Borges called, in the introduction to one of Strete's books, "a collection of small nightmares of great consequence." Uncommon: we have only handled one issue of this zine before. OCLC lists only six institutions with holdings of this title, most of them partial runs as this is. [#032665] SOLD

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