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"We Burned Every Hut"
NY, Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam, 1967. A broadside of a letter to the editor first printed in the Akron Beacon Journal on March 27, 1967. "A G.I.'s Dad" wrote to the Journal with tales of atrocity excerpted from his son's letter home. The father's preface to the letter explains that his son enlisted in the Army and asked to be sent to Vietnam because he backed the government's strong policy toward the war. The harrowing and horrifying tale that follows -- beginning with "Dear Mom and Dad: Today we went on a mission and I'm not very proud of myself, my friends or my country..." -- is a classic case of the kind of experience that radicalized the American middle class against the war, not to mention helping to create a generation of veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. Folded in thirds; worn at the edges and folds and foxed on the verso; a good copy. OCLC locates one copy printed by a different antiwar group than this one, and no copies of this issue. [#029836] $125

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