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Native American Newspapers & Periodicals

(Norman), University of Oklahoma, 1995. Vol. 1, No. 4. Newsletter of the American Indian Alumni Society of the University of Oklahoma. One sheet folded to make four quarto pages Addressed for mailing; else fine. [#025841] $10
(Rooseveltown), (Mohawk Nation), (1977). Volume 9, No. 3. Summer 1977. Edge-sunned; very good. [#018259] $20
(Rooseveltown), (Mohawk Nation), (1991). Volume 23, No. 1. Near fine. [#018267] $20
(Edmonton), Alberta Native News, 1995. Volume 12, No. 8. Eleventh anniversary issue. Near fine. [#018269] $20
(Lima), Copal, July, 1980. Volume 1, No. 1. Peruvian newsletter focusing on native issues. Fine in stapled wrappers. Together with Volume 1, No. 4 of Copal's bulletin, from April of the same year. Near fine. [#018272] $20
(Scottsdale), American Indian Art, 1976-1978. Eight issues, as follows: Volume 2, Nos. 1-4; Volume 3, Nos. 1-4. Early issues of the preeminent magazine on Indian art, geared toward collectors, museums, and art historians, and now over 30 years old. The magazine began when collecting Indian art was just coming into vogue, and has ridden the tremendous popularity of the field ever since. That it filled an important niche at the time is attested to by a letter to the editor in Volume 2, Number 1 from artist R.C. Gorman, praising the magazine for its interview with his "hero," Fritz Scholder. The first volume is worn at the spine base; apart from some slight rubbing the lot is otherwise fine in wrappers. [#025845] $135
(NY), (AIRORF), 1994. Volume 1, No. 1. Newsletter of a nonprofit foundation established to aid in the process of repatriation of Native American cultural artifacts -- an important movement in recent Native American tribal histories. Folded for mailing; else fine. [#018281] $20
(Albuquerque), (National Indian Youth Council), (1977). Volume 7, No. 6. Fine. [#018283] $20
St. Paul, COMPAS, (1976). Special Bicentennial Issue. Near fine in wrappers. [#018286] $20
(Boulder), Native American Rights Fund, (1977-1982). Newsletter published by a largely Indian-owned "national law firm specializing in the protection of Indian rights and resources." Three issues: August 1977; December 1981 (Vol. 7, Nos. 3/4); Spring 1982 (Vol.8, No. 1). Fine in stapled wrappers. [#018287] $40
(Cambridge/Boston), (ARC), (1982). Bulletin 10. Fine. [#018290] $20
(Cambridge/Boston), (ARC), (1977-1982). Publication of the "first public-interest anthropology group in the United States," focusing heavily on issues involving the indigenous peoples of Central and South America. Six issues, an incomplete run, as follows: Newsletter Volume 1, No. 1; Bulletin Nos. 4, 5, 7, 8, 10. Near fine. [#018289] $60
(Phoenix), (Arizona Department of Transportation), 1975. Volume 51, No. 6. An issue partly devoted to "knowing First Americans." Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018292] $20
(Washington, CT), American Indian Archaeological Institute, 1983, 1985. Newsletter focused on Indian archeology, with an emphasis on New England. Two issues: Volume 11, No. 5 and Volume 13, No. 1. Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#025850] $20
(Rapid City), (Black Hills Alliance), (1979-1982). Volume 1, No. 2 and Volume 3, No. 1. Mild acidification; near fine. [#018299] $20
(Rapid City), (Black Hills Alliance), (1982). Volume 3, No. 1. Special Water Issue. Unevenly folded; hand-addressed; about near fine. [#018300] $20
(Washington, D.C.), (U.S. Commission on Civil Rights), 1969. Vol. 2, No. 3. The cover story in this issue is "The Case of the Alaskan Native." Spotting to rear cover; near fine in stapled wrappers. Together with The AFN Report on the Status of Alaska Natives: A Call for Action (Anchorage: Alaska Federation of Natives, 1989). Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018268] $20
Toronto, CJL Foundation, (1977). Special Issue, April 1977. The Mackenzie Valley pipeline issue. Fine. [#018319] $20
(Cambridge), (Cultural Survival Inc.), (1980-1986). Seven issues of the publication from this organization dedicated to the survival of indigenous tribes and indigenous tribal cultures. Two issues of the earlier newsletter: Volume 4, No. 4; Volume 5, No. 1. Folded for mailing; near fine in stapled wrappers. Five issues of the Quarterly: Volume 8, Nos. 1, 4; Volume 9, Nos. 2, 4; Volume 10, No. 4. One issue rolled, very good; the other issues fine. [#018321] SOLD
(Cambridge), (Cultural Survival Inc.), (1981,1986). Volume 5, No. 1 and Volume 10, No. 4. 1981, 1986. The first issue a newsletter; the second issue the quarterly magazine. Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018322] $20
(Santa Fe), Institute of American Indian Arts, (1977-1978). Volume 2, No. 1. IAIA was founded in 1962, and it is the only four year accredited fine arts college devoted to the arts of Indian tribes in the country. Address labels of Joseph Bruchac. Tabloid; fine. [#025855] $18
Penticton, Theytus Books, (1994, 1995, 1998). "The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples." Three volumes of this Canadian literary journal, which originates from the En'owkin International School of Writing and Fine Arts, a two year credit program associated with the En'owkin Centre and the University of Victoria. Volumes 5, 6 and 9. One small corner bump on Volume 6; else fine in wrappers. [#025861] SOLD
(NY), (Association on American Indian Affairs), (1993-1994). Two issues: Nos. 128, 129. Folded for mailing; else fine. [#018343] $20
(Santa Fe), (Indian Artist), 1995-1996. Three issues: Spring 1995 (the Premier Issue); Winter 1996; Spring 1996. Glossy, four-color magazine focused on Indian artists, including writers. The first issue has a profile of Elizabeth Cook-Lynn and an excerpt from her novel-in-progress at the time, as well as photographs by various Native photographers, including Lee Marmon. All issues are fine in wrappers. [#025864] SOLD
(Ithaca), Cornell University, 1985. Volume 2, Number 4. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#025866] $15
(Berkeley), Indigena, (1974-1976). Vol. 1, No. 3 & Vol. 2, No. 2. Two issues. Edge-darkened; else near fine. [#018355] $25
(Denmark), IWGIA, (1972-1979). Three items: IWGIA Document #5 (1972), John H. Bodley's "Tribal Survival in the Amazon: the Campa Case;" IWGIA Document #19 (1975), Jean Chiappino's "The Brazilian Indigenous Problem and Policy: The Aripuana Park;" and IWGIA Newsletter No. 23 (1979), which includes, among other articles, a piece on Leonard Peltier. The latter has an owner name, the first has a cover abrasion; on the whole the lot is near fine. [#018359] $25
(Milwaukee), (Tom Montag), (1973). No. 8. A review of little magazines and small press books, this issue focusing, in part, on Native American writing. Featuring articles by Joseph Bruchac and Wendy Rose and a piece on Indian small presses by John Jacob. Also includes a letter by Bruchac. Acidic newsprint pages darkening; else fine. [#018367] $20
(Chicago), (Newberry Library), 1990. Issue number 23. The newsletter of the D'Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian. Address label of Joseph Bruchac. A single long sheet, folded to make six pages; near fine. [#025871] $10
(Schoharie), Iroquois Indian Museum, 1991. Volume 6, No. 2. This issue, "The Gift-Givers, Part 1," is a compilation of Museum pieces on Iroquois arts and artists. Stapled pages folded for mailing; near fine. [#018373] $20
(NY), North American Congress on Latin America, 1972. Volume 6, No. 2. Includes an article on violence and right wing terror in Guatemala. Near fine in wrappers. [#018375] $20
(Boulder), Native American Rights Fund, (1991). Volume 16, No. 2. A special edition on the freedom of religion, with an article by Vine Deloria. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#018376] $20
St. Paul, Native American Solidarity Committee, (c. 1976). Volume 1, No. 3. Radical/activist newsletter. Uneven sunning; near fine. [#018377] $20
(Ithaca), (Cornell University), 1995-1997. Seven issues, (six items plus miscellany), as follows: Volume 12, Nos. 1/2 (a double issue and the premier issue), 3, 4; Volume 13, Nos. 1, 3; Volume 14, No. 2. Native Americas replaced Cornell's journal Akwekon, which had been re-titled from Northeast Indian Quarterly, and while Native Americas retained the numbering system of its predecessors, this was announced by the publishers as a new launch. Included is an issue of the newsletter The Web [Cornell: Fall/Winter, 1995] with a small story on the journal and a 1996 press release from editorial board member Wilma Mankiller. Several of the issues have the address label of Joseph Bruchac; one issue is corner creased; one is nicked at the crown; else all are fine in wrappers. [#025872] $50
(Ithaca), (Cornell University), 1995-1996. Native Americas replaced Cornell's journal Akwekon, which had been re-titled from Northeast Indian Quarterly, and while Native Americas retained the numbering system of its predecessors, this was announced by the publishers as a new launch. Three issues, two items, as follows: Volume 12, Nos. 1/2 (a double issue); Volume 13, No. 1. Fine in wrappers. [#025873] $20
(Phoenix), ATLATL, 1985-1990. Three issues: Volume 1, Nos. 1 & 3; Volume 6, No. 1. Newsletter of a Phoenix-based Native American arts service organization. Address label of Joseph Bruchac. One issue near fine; the others fine in stapled wrappers. [#025874] $20
Ithaca, Cornell University, 1991. No. 1. First issue of this report by the Cornell American Indian Agriculture Program. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#018384] SOLD
(Phoenix), (Media Concepts), 1995. Glossy, four-color magazine devoted to Native American life and arts, published in coordination with a number of museums. Volume 9, No. 1. Light spine wear; else fine in wrappers. [#025880] $5
(Phoenix), (Media Concepts), 1990-1997. Glossy, four-color magazine devoted to Native American life and arts, published in coordination with a number of museums. Nineteen issues, as follows: Volume 4, Nos. 3, 4; Volume 5, Nos. 1, 3, 4; Volume 6, Nos. 1-4; Volume 7, Nos. 2-4; Volume 8, Nos. 1, 3, 4; Volume 9, Nos. 1, 2, 4; Volume 10, No. 3. The cover of Vol. 9, No. 2 is creased; several issues have modest spine wear; one issue bears the address label of the Greenfield Review; all copies are near fine or better in wrappers. [#025878] $70
(Phoenix), (Media Concepts), 1990-1995. Glossy, four-color magazine devoted to Native American life and arts, published in coordination with a number of museums. Five issues, as follows: Volume 4, No. 4; Volume 6, Nos. 2, 4; Volume 8, No. 1; Volume 9, No. 1. One issue with creasing to cover; several with light spine wear; all near fine or better in wrappers. [#025879] $20
(London), (Little A), 1983. No. 9. Radical British newspaper concerned with native issues around the world, including North, South and Central American Indian issues. Near fine. [#018386] $20
(Forestville), (The Youth Project/Tribal Sovereignty Program/Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development), (1983). Volume 6, No. 3. Edge-sunned; else near fine. [#018390] $20
(Forestville), (The Youth Project/Tribal Sovereignty Program/Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development), (1982). Volume 5, No. 1. Edge-sunned; very good. [#018389] $20
Santa Fe, Institute of American Indian Arts, 1977. Issue number 1. A newspaper and arts journal that was a product of the student Publications Workshop at IAIA. Contributions by students, and also by William Oandasan, Karionaktatie, Alex Jacobs, and others. Includes artwork, some of which has a distinctly psychedelic style, and also uncredited R. Crumb contributions. Near fine. [#025883] $20
(Hayward, WI), (Indian Country Communications), 1990. Newspaper, with Indian news from around the country and also Canada and Mexico. Volume 4, No. 8. Tabloid; mild sunning; else fine. [#025885] $20
Marquette, Northern Michigan University, 1982. Volume 9, No. 1. Published by American Indian students at Northern Michigan University, Sunned at the edges and folds; small ink notation; near fine. [#018401] $20
(Ithaca), (Cornell University), 1988, 1993. Three issues, as follows: Volume 5, No. 4; Volume 10, Nos. 1-2. Fine in stapled wrappers. In 1991 (Volume 8, No. 3), the name Northeast Indian Quarterly was changed to Akwekon. [#025889] $20
(Ithaca), (Cornell University), 1986-1994. Twenty-four issues (including 1 double issue plus a directory, so 24 items), as follows: Volume 3, Nos. 1-4; Volume 4, Nos. 1/2 and 3; Volume 5, Nos. 2-4; Volume 6, Nos. 3-4; Volume 7, No. 2; Volume 8, Nos. 1-4; Volume 9; Nos. 1, 3, 4; Volume 10; Nos. 1-3; Volume 11, No. 1. Together with the 1992 Directory, "American Indian and Related Resources for the Columbus Quincentennial." The first issue in this run, Volume 3, No.1, Spring, 1986, was the first issue under the new title Northeast Indian Quarterly. Previously, the magazine had been called Indian Studies. The new name corresponded with a new mission statement: initially it had been founded to tell Native people around New York state about the Cornell American Indian Program and its activities; with the new name it was geared also toward telling Cornell students about Indians and Indian activities; also, its scope was broadened to include the entire Northeast U.S. as far south as Washington, D. C., and also three Canadian provinces. A couple of the later issues have some mild edge sunning; else all are fine in stapled wrappers. In 1991 (Volume 8, No. 3), the name Northeast Indian Quarterly was changed to Akwekon. [#025888] $175
(Phoenix), (Orme Alternatives Coalition), [c. 1978]. A single 11"x17" sheet folded to make four pages, focusing on the impact of the proposed Orme Dam on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Indian Community. Near fine. [#018405] $20
(John Day), (Rainbow People), [c.1970]. Volume 1, No. 3. Includes Rosebud Sioux Herald, the Cherokee Examiner, Red Power raids and operations, and general news. One foredge tear, a bit of edge-darkening to the newsprint paper; else fine. [#018415] $25
(Chicago), (Native American Educational Services College), 1993. No. 42. The Reservation Urban Learning Exchange, done by the NAES College. Folded in half for mailing; near fine. [#018425] $20
(Tucson), (Native Seeds/SEARCH), (1996-1997). No. 55/56. Gardening newsletter, focused in Native American approaches to agriculture. A double issue. Fine. [#018429] $20
(Hamilton), Seeds, 1981. Volume 1, No. 2. An issue of this Christian periodical devoted to understanding Canada's native peoples. Front page taped where it was once stapled; very good. [#018430] $20
(Washington, D.C.), Survival International U.S.A., (1981-1982). Volume 1, No. 1 and Volume 2, Nos. 2, 3/4. Four issues (one double issue, so 3 items). One issue folded for mailing; two issues sunned; near fine. [#018432] $50
(Washington, D.C.), Survival International U.S.A., (1981-1982). The publication of the U.S. branch of Survival International. The first eight issues (one double issue, 7 items), as follows: Volume 1, Nos. 1-4; Volume 2, Nos. 1, 2, 3/4. Several issues folded for mailing, most evenly darkened; near fine to fine. Promotional brochure also included. [#018431] $125
Berkeley, SAIIC, (1984). Volume 1, No. 1 of the Bulletin. Summer, 1984. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#018437] $20
(Chapel Hill), (North Carolina Archaeological Society), (1961). Volume 13. Anthropological articles. Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018439] $20
(Santa Fe), (Institute of American Indian Arts), (1980-1982). Literary publication of IAIA, primarily featuring creative writing and some artwork by students but also with a guest author featured in each issue. Guest authors include Ray Young Bear, Wendy Rose, Ralph Salisbury, Linda Hogan, Maurice Kenny, Joseph Bruchac and others. Issue 2/3 features the first national Native American high school creative writing awards. Number 8 features the third annual awards. Near fine or better in stapled wrappers. An important publication, presumably with limited distribution. Four issues, three items, as follows: Nos. 2/3 (double issue), 8, 9. The first item hand-addressed to Joseph Bruchac. Near fine or better in stapled wrappers. [#025899] SOLD
(NY), (Columbia University), (1980). Volume 4, No. 4. Hand-addressed to a prominent Native American author, with a brief note to him on the final page; near fine. [#018442] $25
(Little Rock/Richmond), (University of Arkansas/University of Richmond), (1991). Volume 3, No. 2. Near fine in wrappers. [#018446] $20
(London), Survival International, (various dates). Five items: Robin Hanbury-Tenison's Report of a Visit to the Indians of Brazil on Behalf of the Primitive People's Fund/Survival International (1971); Left Out? The Indians and the Canadian Constitution, published in conjunction with the National Indian Brotherhood of Canada, c. 1979; the Annual Review 1988; an Urgent Action Bulletin, September 1994; and an undated promotional pamphlet. Each is near fine or better. [#018451] $50
(London), (Survival International), (1977-1989). Nine issues (including two double issues, 7 items), an incomplete run, as follows: Volume 2, No. 1; Volume 4, Nos. 1, 2; Volume 5, Nos. 1, 2, 3/4; Volume 6, Nos. 1, 5/6; Volume 7, No. 2. One issue bears a few editorial notes and markings; the two perfectbound volumes are chipping at the spine and very good; all other issues near fine. Together with one issue of Survival International News (No. 24, 1989) and one issue of Survival (No. 33, 1994). Fine. [#018450] $125
(Greenville), (Another Place, Inc.), (1993-1994). Fall 1994. Near fine. [#018456] $20
(NY), American Indian Community House, 2002-2004. Newsletter of a community center for Native Americans in New York City, with local, regional, and national news and events listings. Seven issues, as follows: Spring, Fall, Winter 2002; Fall/Winter 2003; Spring, Spring [sic], Fall 2004. All labeled for mailing; slight edge sunning; else fine in wrappers. [#025848] $40
(Berkeley), (University of California), (1983). Volume 7, Nos. 2. A bound photocopy of this issue, with work by Gerald Vizenor, Linda Hogan, Vine Deloria, Jr., Maurice Kenny and others. Copied on rectos only, two pages to one 8-1/2" x 11" sheet, velobound in a printed cover. Binding separating; near fine. [#018280] $20
(Chicago), (Christian Century Foundation), (1971). Volume 88, No. 3. An "ecumenical weekly," formerly the New Christian. The cover story, by Harold Fey, is "America's Most Oppressed Minority," and other articles concern Native American rights. There is an editorial comparing the My Lai massacre in Vietnam with the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890 as well as an article on young American draft evaders moving to Canada. Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018316] $20
(Minneapolis), (Minneapolis American Indian Center), 1989. Volume 10, No. 11. "News from an American Indian perspective." Minnesota Indian newsletter from November 1989. Address label of Joseph Bruchac. Tabloid; mildly edge-sunned; else fine. [#025852] $10
Naugatuck, Eagle Wing Press, (1992). Vol. 10, No. 5. Faint edge-sunning, else fine. [#018329] $20
Eureka, California Indian Education Association, 1985. Volume 18, No. 1. Tabloid format, 12 pages, focusing on central and northern California Indian issues. Fine. [#018331] $20
(Hemet/Riverside), Indian Reporter, (1967). Volume 4, No. 3. Near fine. [#018350] $25
(n.p.), (London Free Press), (1970). A city page offprint of Joe McClelland's report "The Indian: Challenge of 70s." Two ink names; acidification; multiple edge tears and a few spine tears. Fragile; fair. [#018364] $20
(NY), (New York Times), 1971, February 1. A monthly supplement; this issue entitled "The First Americans" and authored by Richard Hammer. Minor edge-staining and acidification; about near fine. [#018397] $20
(Washington, D.C.), (Native American-Philanthropic News Service of the Phelps-Stokes Fund's American Indian Program), 1983. Volume 5, No. 3. Small ink notes; near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018424] $20
Ithaca, American Indian Program, 1990. August 1990. Newsletter published by the Cornell University Indigenous Communication Resource Center. This issue features, among other stories, an article about Olympic champion Billy Mills visiting Cornell. Edge-sunned; near fine in stapled wrappers. [#025912] $10
(Cheney, WA/ Davis, CA/ Rapid City, SD), (Eastern Washington University/ UC Davis/ Association for American Indian Research), 1985. Volume 1, No. 1. An important journal, edited by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn and "devoted to the development of Native American studies as an academic discipline." Wide-ranging subject matter, from history to literary criticism to poetry to sociology to medicine relating to Native American health issues. Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#025914] $20
(Washington, D.C.), Today's Minorities, 1997. Two issues: Volume 5, Nos. 3, 4. Partial coverage of Native American issues, including sovereignty and land claims issues. Near fine. [#018466] $20
(Toronto), Native Youth of the Canadian Indian Centre, 1970. Volume 1, No. 4. Acidification, dampstaining, tears at edges and folds; good. [#018468] $20
(Mancos), (American Indian Higher Education Consortium), (2003). Glossy magazine, a "Journal of American Indian Higher Education," focused on the Tribal Colleges around the U.S. -- articles for and about the colleges, issues they face, individual programs at different schools, etc. Volume 15, No. 1. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#025908] $10
(Niagra Falls), (Native American Center for the Living Arts), 1986-1994. Two issues: Volume 1, No. 3; Volume 6, No. 1. 1987, 1994. Fine in stapled wrappers. [#025910] $20
(Washington, D.C.), (United Indian Planners Association), 1978. Volume 3, No. 1. Much of this issue is devoted to "Agriculture -- The Development of Tribal Resources." Near fine in stapled wrappers. [#018474] $20
(NY), (W.I.N. Magazine, Inc.), (1977). Volume 12, No. 11. Mildly darkened; else fine. [#018482] $20
(Jonesborough), (National Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling), 1990. Volume 14, No. 6. Not a Native American publication, but addressed to Joseph Bruchac, quintessential Native storyteller. Edge-sunned; near fine in stapled wrappers. [#025916] $10
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